Speakout 8/29

Monday, August 29, 2005

Go school!

I would like to Speakout about A.J. Martin Elementary in East Prairie. I just want to say keep up the good work.

We live out in the country, off County Road 452. We have bad trouble with mosquitoes and stuff. We have been calling the county and everything, Scott County. They won't do nothing about spraying or nothing. I'm a taxpayer and I pay my taxes on time and everything and the least they could do is help us out to keep the mosquitoes down. Maybe Speakout will help us get something done about mosquito control.

Mike, in regards to your Thursday editorial, I can't believe your pecksniffery.

I want to thank whoever put the five pink flamingos in my yard. I want to thank them because I have always wanted pink flamingos and I couldn't find them. So whoever did it, I thank you very much and I'm going to enjoy them. I hope they have a great day.

Here are some of the numbers for fraud and abuse a reader asked for. They ask that you have as much information as you can like name, address, where they are working, boss or any helpful information. Birthday is very helpful. This is for drawing benefits using false information or disability while working for cash and not reporting it, claiming a disability that is untrue. Social Security or disability fraud mail goes to SSA Fraud Hotline, P.O. Box 17768, Balitmore, MD., 21235; fax is 410-597-0118; the telephone is 1-800-269

-0271; Website,www.ssa.gov/oig/guidelin.htm. Medicaid fraud such as using someone else's Medicaid card or food card, working for cash and not reporting it, falsely reporting how many are in the household should be reported to: by mail, Missouri Attorney General's Office, P.O. Box 889, Jefferson City, MO 65102 or 1-800-286-3932 and fax, 1-573-751-0207. Tax fraud, such as being on disability, working for cash and not reporting it to disability or on their taxes call 1-800-829-0433.

Do you know what the President costs. We will pay $1.2 billion for the United States Secret Service to protect the president, the vice president, their families and visiting dignitaries. Plus more than $255 million to maintain the executive office of the president. The president gets an annual salary of $400,000 plus an allowance for extra traveling of $100,000; personal expenses, $50,000; and unanticipated expenses, $1 million. And this is the man that can't stand people who get Social Security. Ain't that a kick in the head?

This is to Michael Jensen and his column in the Aug. 21, 2005, Standard. I have said before, you are an airhead. This nonsense that you have in your column, "Use military power to end the conflict," shows in about 25 ways that you don't understand what is going on. I'll write you a letter and send you a copy of this and show you why you're ignorant to what is going on in Iraq or anywhere else. Over and out.

Be sure to use bright-colored crayons when you write your letter!

After reading all this about Medicaid. Everything they are going to take care of, it seems to me like all they are going to do is help the young girls that are having babies. It is a shame that I am too old to have babies any more because I would sure get on the welfare line. Otherwise I'm just out of luck although I do need help.