Speakout 7/2

Sunday, July 2, 2006

How come the kids in our school system get TV's and radios for public attendance and for the honor roll they just get a ribbon?

This is for you Democrats who think you are going to win mid-term elections because of George W. Bush's approval ratings. Don't get your hopes up. We may not be pleased with our President's performance, but we don't want Democrats in control of our federal and state governments. I for one hate the Democratic party more than ever because of its pro-homosexual, pro-

abortion, pro-UN, anti-traditional Christian American values. We will NOT vote for Democrats.

We all make mistakes throughout our lifetime, but young people do know that it takes TWO people to make babies and they still can make the decision to say, "NO!" I don't feel that I should have to pay for these innocent children because their parent didn't want to do the moral thing or take protection.

I lost a green iguana in the vicinity of 407 Edmondson Street. I had him outside and his leash broke. He is only 1-year old, about one foot long from the tip of his head to the base of his hipbone, with his tail he's about three feet long. His name is Sepheroth and he has a deformed toenail on one of his front feet. If you find him, please put a net or something over him. He doesn't usually bite but he's probably scared. Call me at 703-5366. That's my cell phone. Anyone who has an animal knows how it is. You raise them from a baby and they depend on you to feed, clean and keep them safe. When one is missing you feel as if you failed them. I live on a fixed income so I can't afford an award other than my gratitude. I've been praying to find him. Please pray for me to get him back safely. He's like my baby. Thank you and God bless you.

I'm calling in about the lady that came in and helped me lose my job that was such a friend to me. I know you know that you were wrong. I believe you deserve to go tell my former employer that you were in the wrong and not me. You know how hard I worked and didn't get the credit for it. I would appreciate it if you would do that, friend of mine.

I want to talk about the article you had in the paper about Dan Rather, Mr. Jensen. You are not half the man and certainly not the reporter that Mr. Rather was. You Republicans are nothing but phonies and jealous people. You can't stand the truth because that's not the nature of a Republican. I haven't watched CBS much since he left, I watch CNN. You never write anything in your column unless it's bashing the Democrats. You are just like ole Bush, you don't know the truth when you see it or hear it. Rather will come out on top because he is a great reporter. I know you won't print this because you are a die hard Republican.