Speakout 12/23

Friday, December 23, 2005

As I see where some of the churches are canceling one service and some of them are canceling both services on Sunday, Christmas Day. I wonder who they are putting first, their families or God? Thank you.

The fact that the Chief of Police of Oran, I feel he did the right thing to do about apprehending the 12-year old child who shot that girl in the back with the pellet gun. If it would've happened at someone's house, privately, then it would have been between the two parents. Since this was in a public manner, it was the public thing to do. The law is the law. Oran is not above or below the law, so they have to obey the law. Everybody, Chief, I don't know who you are, but I appreciate you. So now all we need to do is move some law enforcement to some of the surrounding towns like Vanduser and get some of these drugs out. It's not only big cities that have the drugs, small towns do too, folks. Take care and God bless everyone and have a good Christmas.

Hello my name is Harold Belt. I live at Bertrand and I am a member of the Bertrand United Methodist Church. I want to say whoever took the Christmas wreath out of the Methodist Church, I hope they appreciate it. It was a big four foot in diameter wreath with a big red bow and lights with pine cones, that hung on the side of the organ. It was purchased in Sikeston. We put it up there every year and it is gone. It was placed there every year in memory of our church members who passed away, including my mother. I hope whoever took it will be happy with it.

I'm a whining about whiners. I'm tired of listening to them. Sikeston has the whiniest work force I have ever seen.

Thanks to all for the patience, kindness and healing I received while I was in the Delta Community Hospital in October. And to all of the medical personnel who I received professional medical service and healing and kindness, visits, prayers, cards, etc. My family and I want you all to know that we thank you very much. And this was all in the month of October 2005. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

If anyone has ever been told that they can't say "Christmas," I'd like to hear about it. No one has ever told me that, and I say "Merry Christmas" a lot. I think this whole thing is a farce put on by conspiracy theorists, book sellers, and all those persecuted Christians out there who keep running out of things to whine about.