Letter to the Editor

Your view: Investigation questions

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dear Editor,

My friend, Teresa Butler, vanished without a trace on January 25, 2006. She was taken from her home while her two young sons slept in bed. The investigators have bungled this case from day one. They did lift finger prints from the house and car but failed to print everyone who had been in that house or car for the last month. How will they know if there are any unidentified prints without printing the whole family? They also kept their search area very small, only increasing it the day before the search was called off.

Teresa is not a rich and famous celebrity nor is she a "runaway bride" or an eight month pregnant woman walking her dog. She is an average, working mother who loves her husband, children and family. She would not have simply walked away from them, leaving her paycheck and shoes behind.

Her poster is not plastered all over Missouri and all its surrounding states. Her poster has not even been submitted by the police to the National Center for Missing Adults website so that others might print it out and distribute it in their areas. There are no big corporations or rich businessmen offering a reward.

The Risco, MO Police Department does not investigate cases like this. The New Madrid County Sheriff's Office does not investigate cases like this. The suspicious nature of this case warrants a more thorough investigation. The F.B.I. must get involved if Teresa is to be found.


Amy Lacey

The following is a response by New Madrid County Sheriff Terry Stevens: We are using every resource available in the ongoing investigation of the Teresa Butler case. A reward has been posted and the case has received some national media attention as well as local attention.

If Ms. Lacey has any further information she should contact the Sheriff's Department at 573-748-2516