Speakout 5/9

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

This is in response to the SpeakOut about mean and ugly Christians. I would just like to point out that she talks about the weakest in our society. The weakest in our society would be an unborn fetus being on the life support of a mother and a doctor who betray that trust and kill it. She's very judgmental about everybody else that does not go along with her left wing lunacy. She does not understand anything about a war. She does not even acknowledge that we are in a war. She has no evidence of the evidence she speaks of or the accusations that she has made. She only takes some left wing radical lies of some newspaper, there has never been any proof of this. She just goes on with this crap that it is just hard to take. It's time to wake up what country you ARE in and who really is running our country. It's the people who are standing up for traditional morals. It's people like you who will twist the word of God to the point to justify anything our enemies do and condemn those who stand up and try to defend you against our enemies. Read that Bible a little more and try to understand what it is saying. Quit trying to condemn those who defend you and back it up with Scripture. It just doesn't fit.

I wanted to congratulate Michael Jensen on his April 26 editorial on immigration proposal. He went against Republican majority and stood up for Democratic Senator Greene of St. Louis. Congratulations on a job well done.

Mean and ugly Christians. The seventh commandment. I think the seventh commandment is represented in New York City where there is the huge, big, ugly, gaping hole. People are dead now because of that huge hole that was blown there by terrorists. If you will remember, God did respond one time when He kicked the moneychangers out of the temple. Maybe you need to read your Bible more and learn to study some of the aspects of the Bible, not just a liberal or conservative view. You need to read it and try to understand it.

I read in the Charleston paper there are two part-time jobs opening in Mississippi County Juvenile Detention. Why isn't it advertised in the Sikeston Standard? Is this job for Mississippi County residents only? If so, it's not fair to Scott County residents because they are in the same 33rd Judicial. All of our Scott County kids are locked up in Mississippi County. That's prejudiced to me. There has been no Scott County resident hired within the last six years. Come on Scott County. We need jobs just like Mississippi County residents. So, who do we need to contact?

The Unity Baptist Church, six miles east of Benton on Highway 77, has a clothes closet full of free clothes and shoes and other items, free to the public on the third Saturday of every month from 9 a.m. until noon. You can get more information by calling 545-3580.

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We take items furniture, any kind of items, especially twin size beds, on donations, automobiles, anything and then we turn around and distribute throughout the community at no charge. We furnish apartments and houses for people that cannot afford it. If you wish to make any donations, you can call 471-0828, Christians in Action and leave a message or talk to the secretary. Thank you and have a blessed day.