Speakout 11/6

Sunday, November 6, 2005

I'd like to speakout about Wal-Mart. I don't understand about the electric carts that are for people that are disabled that they ride through the store on. Every time I go in there, I've got arthritis really bad and I can't hardly walk on my left leg, there's no carts or the batteries are run down. There's simply not enough carts there for the disabled. I always thought that Wal-Mart stores catered to the disabled person, but it's like they don't even care. It's hard to believe that there are never no carts there for the disabled. What is wrong? I've got to where I can't even go shopping. I hope Wal-Mart knows that they are losing money because there are a lot of times I would buy things, if I had a cart to ride in. I simply don't understand. Wal-Mart you need to get some more carts in there.

This is about the clothes don't please, the lady that doesn't like President Bush and our men being in Iraq. I know you don't like President Bush and if anybody where you work, if you do work, I'm sure if you'd leave your number I can arrange that they could get a wheelchair. But, let me give you a little piece of history. Really you need to get you an American history book and read it. It might enlighten you on what America is really all about. President Clinton gave the Chinese the guidance system that they now have with rockets pointed toward America over money given to President Clinton. If Hillary Clinton, who I consider the most dangerous woman in the world, she just might take the wheels off the wheelchair. Before you start talking bad about people and slapping them down, and I'm proud of your cousins that fought in Vietnam, because of their fighting in VietNam gave you the right to speak freely, because this is America. If I was able to and was of the age, I would be proud to serve as an American soldier.

I would like to speakout about the Department of Transportation. They recently announced that they are cutting back on mowing and other things like that to save money on gasoline. Well, you know, they could save money on gasoline if they would park their state vehicles, drive their private vehicles to and from work like all the rest of us have to do. I do know that there are some state employees that are allowed to take vehicles home even though there's absolutely no reason for it. Or car pooling. We have people car pooling in state vehicles, meeting at maintenance lots, all climbing in to one vehicle and trucking up to Sikeston or down to Sikeston, which ever may be the case. And, you know we all have to drive our personal vehicles and use our gas money and that is our gas money they are spending when they're car pooling and taking state vehicles home at night. Maybe the governor should look at the misuse, in my opinion, of state vehicles. If they want to cut back on gas, don't cut back on mowing and safety issues. Mowing and high weeds, that causes a safety issue for motorists. If they want to cut back on tax dollars by saving gas, maybe that's where they should start first.