Speakout 6/8

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

I would like to know if there is anyone out there who has a big burning barrel. I need one real bad. If someone has one for sale would you please put your phone number in the paper.

I am someone who is of age, probably older than most, and I have just been told by the doctor that have not long to live. I have sat for many, many years and listened to gripes. I have sat in church and listened to preachers whitewash until I''m tired. I''ve listened to blacks bash whites. I''ve listened to whites bash blacks. So I''m going to give you all a little advice. First of all, if you think you have been mistreated by the United States of America, get on back to your own country sister. There are a lot of times it was your chiefs who sold you. Take you bleeding hearts back over there and take a couple of those bleeding heart liberals with you. Guess what, this generation did not sell you into slavery. We did not make you be a slave. We owe you nothing. I''m part Native American and they took our land, they kicked our butts and killed our people but guess what now they are dead and we can''t collect anything and we don''t deserve anything. Get up off your lazy hindend and go to work. I worked for years and paid your way and I''m sick and tired of it. The rest of America is too. So all you bleeding hearts that sits around and gripes because your old man is cheating, well guess what, don''t blame the other lady. He is the one that had your ring, not them. He is the one who took the vows, not them. Same goes for husbands who gripe about their old lady. Guess what if she is out cheating you should shut up. She cheated not the other party. If you aren''t man enough to do something about it, shut your trap. You women if you don''t like, you men if you don''t like it be man or woman enough to go to a lawyer and end it. You mothers that worry about your kids being heathens and you men that worry about your kids being heathens, spend a little time with them instead of sitting in the bars and griping about not being able to pay your bills and your kids being heathens and your old lady don''t like you. If you talked to them the way talk to the bar maids, believe you me, your old ladies would like you. If you stayed home and not stay out and be drunk all the time you could pay your bills. If your kids are heathens, grow up, be a daddy, read Proverbs and get on it brother. You people who are sick and dying, I have news for you, if you can''t stand on Isaiah 53, 1-6, then you deserve what you get. I''m sick and tired of listening to people to gripe. If you don''t follow the Ten Commandments to the letter you are going to hell. It doesn''t matter how many times you sit in church, how many tithes you pay, it is going to happen. If you don''t obey the laws of God you are going to hell. Get up and take care of your own trash, dump it. We don''t owe you nothing. It is time America wakes up.

This is to the Board of Education and the superintendent of schools. Last week on the last day of school there was a luncheon for teachers, counselors, secretaries and the list goes on. They had a luncheon and each one got a $750 bonus. I think that teachers for all their hard work and low pay deserve a bonus but I do not think counselors, secretaries and who knows others should get $750 of the taxpayers'' money. When in some of the schools visiting my kids I noticed - and I''ve been in several schools - they need a facelift bad. Paint jobs, bathrooms are crummy and the schools need some work. They do not need to hand out our money, $750 bucks to the counselors and secretaries and whomever else they did. They need to use our money wisely. I don''t know who is on the board of education but they need to be removed. Please print this, I know a lot of people are going to be angry.

I''m calling about an 1987 Grand Marquis. It is tan or yellow color. On the back right passenger side there is a dent in it from a wreck. It was stolen out the of the Burger King parking lot this past Friday around 1:30 or 2 o''clock. If anybody has seen it this vehicle or know which way these people went can you please contact 573-683-3260 or call the police station in Sikeston. Whoever stole our car because the keys were in it can you please turn it back in or put in an anonymous car where the vehicle can be found because this was the only vehicle we have for our children. If anything you should have been honest enough to come in and ask whose keys were in the vehicle. I pray to God to lay it on your heart to bring the vehicle back. It was wrong to steal it. If anyone has any information on this will you please contact the phone number. We would like to have it back. I think it is sad that people have to steal cars. We are working people but we aren''t rich, it would be nice to have back what you took because it didn''t belong to you. We have four children and we have to take off walking with three of them because you - even though we left the keys in the car - you got in and took off with it. It is wrong. You should have known it was wrong. I''m praying for you. God sees what you do. You will be found and you will be punished for it.