Speakout 3/21

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I wish some of these people who are so hard on President Bush would stop and realize that he is trying. He has had a lot of problems since he has been in there with tornadoes, fires, earthquakes and everything else. Nine-11 and all these people on welfare just keep on a gettin' and a gettin'. The only ones that are carrying the burden are the middle class that have worked hard and they don't have much to live on and they are trying to raise their little families. They should look back on World War II and the Vietnam War and see how many boys lost their lives then and what all it cost then. Who was president then? It wasn't Bush. People just act like they hate him and I don't know why. He's done a lot of things that I might not approve of, but my goodness, if you had to rule the whole world, you couldn't please everyone. If the good Lord couldn't please everyone when he was on earth, how do you think he can? He can't do it by himself. He's got to have help.

I have a homemaker who comes in to my home. I am sort of handicapped or elderly. They come in to my home to clean. I have had lady after lady from different places who come in and they don't clean right. They don't clean the lavatory, they don't sweep right, they don't sweep the corners, they don't take all the trash out, they make sure they leave two or three things behind. They are always looking at their watches and sitting on their rumps for about an hour before they clock out of the home they are cleaning in. I think this is so terrible for them to do this to people. I just don't understand why they have a job and they are allowed to do this. Why doesn't someone do something about these people and get somebody who knows how to clean? I think it's a shame.

I'd like to see Mike Jensen run for President or Congress. He makes more sense than most people I know of. The little articles he puts in the paper, I just love them. He talks about all them give away to Medicaid and these Welfare people that half of them are able to work and the other half don't need the free stuff they get 'cause they get all the free stuff on earth handed to them and get money to buy stuff that working people can't afford. I think he'd make a good President or a guy in Congress.

I found a jewelry box in East Prairie. If you can describe the contents, you can get it back. Call after 5:30 at this number: 649-2978.

I would like to speak out on day care. Some of the people need to be investigated. The day care is getting paid for watching the children, but other people are watching them, not the day care.

I have a complaint about a nursing home. The administrator has been told about this problem several different times and nothing has been done about it. This is in the welfare of the other residents. I would like to know if there is a number I can call to report about it.

Contact the Semo Area Agency on Aging at 335-3331. They have a volunteer service called the Ombudsman Program that will go into the nursing facilities as representatives for people with concerns.