SpeakOut 10/25

Thursday, October 25, 2007

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I'm the person that called in about Wendell Apartments, the way the shrubs were being neglected. Well, they've done a beautiful job. It's so clean and nice. I don't know who did it, but they deserve a pat on the back.

Some people put things in this column about Bush and I think Bush is one of the nicest presidents we've ever had. He deserves to wear the flag pinned on him. Whenever he goes to put the wreath on the Unknown Soldier's grave, he goes there with a heart, not a smile on his face like Clinton did. He honors the soldier boys. The ones over there in Iraq, most of them volunteered to go. They weren't drafted. Besides, talk about Medicare, the ones that's on that worked and have a hard time making a living. The ones on Medicaid go around dressed with their hands all with rings. They get food and all their bills paid, driving new cars. The seniors suffer. Hillary is wanting to give all these kids some money. Why don't they give some of the seniors some that's worked all their lives?

In response to the area foreclosures that was on the front page of the Sunday paper. Well, I disagree with people. If the banks and loan companies wouldn't be so greedy and have the rates set so high people couldn't afford them, people wouldn't be losing their houses. And another thing, if the president and the governor would keep the jobs over here, people wouldn't be losing their jobs and houses. It's not the people's fault, it's the greedy ones up above them. You say that the reason the people are losing their homes is because they're having kids. If you are a Christian you look at it a different way. You are supposed to go forth and multiply, not be greedy and not have them. If people are given a chance to own a home, they will do their best to keep it.

Thank you for fixing the road by Al's Reefer. It looks great. Look forward to getting on it. Thank you very much.

JoAnn Emerson and Peter Myers need to stop misrepresenting the purpose of the St. John's Bayou-New Madrid Floodway Project. They either do not know, or they're not revealing, that East Prairie will not be saved by this project. The town would still flood once every 10 years even if the project is built. Flooding will continue to happen because East Prairie is not flooded by the Mississippi River. It's flooded by St. James Ditch. Flooding occurs because even modest rainfalls overwhelm its storm drains. A small part of the project would address St. James Ditch, but the bigger storm system problem would not be touched. Adding insult to injury is the fact that a workable solution to protect East Prairie exists and could have been built years ago if the region's Republican politicians hadn't tried to shake down the American taxpayer for more government pork. Here we are within another year about to vote in a new president. I don't believe in trying to tell anyone who they should vote for, that's their American and Christian right. But I do believe we should vote for the man or woman who's gonna help bring our men home from Iraq and fight for health care for all American people. And another thing, I don't think it's right our president is allowing all our jobs to go overseas and down in Mexico. It's high time we start taking care of our own.