Speakout 3/9

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I was wondering what happened to the recycle trailer at Wal-Mart. They need to bring it back. I haven't seen it there for a week or so.

According to the Stoddard County Workshop, Wal-Mart requested they pick it up and not bring it back.

I just heard Morley Swingle defending the good drug user doctor. He's just full of it and he knows it! To be a second offense and get off that easy is just absolutely ridiculous. He, Swingle and everyone else knows that sentence would not be available unless you have some influence or other benefit. The ordinary person gets jail time for the first offense. The judge also has proven how the system delivers injustice instead of justice. Swingle reminds me of George Bush - If I say it you should not have any sense enough to doubt it because I am always right.

I was wanting to know if there is anybody around this area that works on fiberglass boats, repair them and everything like that. If there is could you please put your name and number in the paper?

Well, it's been about two or three weeks. I've put in two or three different ads hoping you'd put them in SpeakOut. I don't know what you'ns got against me or anything. Not a one of my ads been put in there - it's just the same old thing. People slandering people for Medicaid and all that, mainly Republicans I guess. Putting poor people down and stuff like that that ain't even interesting. I used to like SpeakOut, but I've got to where I don't even care about it, and I pay for the paper. I don't know. I just don't understand.

This is to the person who writes what people call in. I understand sometimes you write what people say, but you also have a lot of spelling errors and wrong words in there. Words like t-h-e-i-r instead of t-h-e-r-e. So whoever is writing them, please spell them correctly.

Some of them are e-mailed in and spell check won't correct a word if it is not misspelled. They are proofread, but some errors do slip through the cracks. Other than that, all I can say is I'm not prefect.

Being as you're a newspaper, maybe you can call the Public Information Office at 573-751-2389, that's the Missouri Department of Corrections Public Information Office, and ask them why the Southeast Correctional Center in Charleston allows all 1,600 offenders to have mourning ceremony for a recently dead inmate. This is not only against policy, it's a slap in the face to the general public. The offenders in Charleston are treated with kid gloves when we have convicted felons, i.e. murderers, child molesters and sexual offenders. The upper administration, Mr. Harris included, doesn't seem to want to do anything. They all seem to turn a blind eye. Mr. Steele has got his hands tied where he cannot do anything. The rest of the administration just sits back and eagerly waits for retirement.