Speakout 2/19

Sunday, February 19, 2006

My dear, wise uncle whose dogs adored him and would have defended him to the death, always said a dog should experience only kindness at the hands of its master. My mother advised me that you can always judge a man by the way he treats animals. The author of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was furious with the Arch Bishop of Canterbury that told him dogs would not be allowed in the Christian Heaven. My own words, I have to say that is hogwash. You can have your Christian Heaven. Who'd want to be in a Heaven with all those self-righteous, smug, holier-than-thou so-called Jesus would puke Christians without dogs, who are much kinder, sweeter, gentler and nicer than most human Christians I know? Hooray for Matthew McConaughey. To win the love of a man who loves dogs like that man does would be a wonderful thing.

I don't know about the rest of the citizens of the United States of America, but one thing I can say is this. I'm gonna buy my next car on the basis that it runs on ethanol. If we want to get rid of these bullies entirely, we have to quit relying on their domination of us by dictating what they can do to us because we are reliant on their fuel source. My next car, which I hope I can buy one someday, will run on ethanol. I suggest that everyone in the United States follow in my footsteps, because I tell you what, we can't rely on those people anymore. They're terrorists.

This is in reference to the Oran Police Department getting raked over by violators. To the citizens of Oran. Your problem with getting stopped by your police officer is that you have gotten by for too many years not stopping at the stop signs or obeying the laws of Oran and state laws as well. Driving is your problem to avoid accidents. Avoid driving on slick highways, heavy rains, you are required to have your headlights on. Drive carefully and you will live to see tomorrow come. You've probably not had anyone criticize you for reckless driving. A lot of you have been getting by with it. I have surveyed my town with stop sign violators, there is not 1 out of 100 that have stopped at the stop sign. The law requires you to stop. I have been involved in law enforcement in 20 years and I can spot them. You would be surprised how many people that don't stop at a stop sign and don't use their signals. They think they own the country. The other day someone had a direct hit because someone did not stop at a stop sign. This is a concerned citizen of the United States drivers.

I would like to express my gratitude to these nursing facilities who give us CNA's the recognition we deserve. We are these people eye, ears, legs and arms and in some cases feet. I feel that we don't get appreciated for a job well done in these nursing facilities. Where is the support for these hard working CNA's?

To the loyal Bulldog fans. I was appalled when I opened up the paper this last Friday and saw the headlines Kelly holds off NMCC followed by Dexter girls romp past Cape Central knowing that the girls had played the night before. I had to look around and I found a little bitty tiny article buried in the paper three pages later on page 11 about 5 inches compared to 50 plus inches for Kelly and 25 plus inches for Dexter, the score that the Lady Bulldogs won. It might also be oppressing to note that the Lady Bulldogs have a record of 17--6 compared to Kelly's 14-7 and Dexter's 18-5. So, where is the coverage? The mighty Chris Moore drove 25 miles to New Madrid to cover the Kelly game and Mr. Lewis drove 20 miles away to Dexter, when the Lady Bulldogs played about 15 miles away in Charleston. Where is the fairness in all of this? Nobody was at the game. They just wrote down the turned in scores.

It would be great if Vice President Cheney would take Bush quail hunting sometime.