Speakout 2/12

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I was trying to find the gospel hour on 92.9. Sadly to say, I can't find it. I loved listening to the gospel hour. Will it still be on the radio? My family and I, my brother from out of town, we listen every morning.

On. Feb. 6th I was at Wal-Mart in Sikeston. When I and my 4-year-old daughter came out to our van to leave, we noticed another van parked right behind us broke down. After loading our purchases and my daughter, I tried to maneuver my van so I could leave, but then realized I couldn't get out. But, there are gentlemen still in this state. A man came up to my van and said he would help me get out of the parking space. He guided me carefully. He is a very nice and helpful gentleman. Before I could thank him, he was gone. So, to the stranger who helped me at Sikeston Wal-Mart, a big heart felt Thank You!

I was wanting to know how killers can get by with the jury masters, when nobody else can have any and they get in trouble for it?

Well, George Dubya thinks it's alright to listen in with wire taps on people's conversations but I saw on the news this week where a small plane got lost or confused and entered the air space over the ranch. Two planes were sent after him and they fired something at the pilot and liked to scared him to death. Turns out he just got confused and got in the air space. He said that he thought he was going to have to change his clothes though, he was scared so bad. That shows you that George Bush wants to eavesdrop on conversations, but he doesn't want anyone flying over his air space. If you have a small plane, don't go around that part of Texas.

I'm calling about the person who is nursing her baby. Maybe she can put a blanket over it so they will quit talking about it. Put up the blanket, and they won't know what you're doing.

In response to the Athletic Supporters in your SpeakOut column, check out East Prairie's cheerleader's records at Columbia state competition.

This is to the comment on the Athletic Supporters. I can truly say that I was a cheerleader for five years, as a matter of fact I was with the ones that won state for the very first time, and there is time to go to every ballgame, because we did it. There is time for everything. There is time for practice, time for homework, but our team came first. When it came to support, our records show that. Our Bleacher Bums beat us to the game half the time. There is time and there is NO excuse for the cheerleaders not to be at any and all of the games, because we were at all of them and I was at all of them. So Chris Moore, he is right. They need to be there and they need to be supported. You have to remember this is a new generation. They're not in to it like we were. That is why Chris Moore calls it Nobody asked me, but because nobody asked him.