Letter to the Editor

Your View: Mistakes made

Friday, October 19, 2007

Dear Editor:

The scathing, debilitating editorial assessment of Hillary Clinton appearing in the Oct. 7, 2007, edition of the Standard Democrat got the attention of your readers. The only solace for Democrats is found in the fifth paragraph which says for those who backed George W. Bush, "we'll mourn the mistakes we enabled to occur."

This reader believes two of those mistakes were monumental, i.e., 1) the unwarranted and unnecessary sacrifice of thousands of lives and scores of thousands of permanently disabled among our brave and heroic young people, and 2) adding trillions of dollars to our public debt, many times more than any prior resident in the two and one-quarter centuries of our nation's existence. This is propelling us toward our first great depression since Herbert Hoover and the 1930s.

Senator Clinton, or any other Democrat, will have to go some to surpass that.

Respectfully yours,

Bill D. Burlison Advance, Mo.