Speakout 6/16

Thursday, June 16, 2005

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I just heard the news commentator report that the United States is a rich nation. What a joke that is. George Sr. and Ronald Reagan run us as far in debt as had every been done and Bill Clinton with all of his faults got rid of the debt and got a surplus. But shortly after little Jr. was in there, we are right back and have a bigger debt then we did with his dad and Reagan. And here on the news he has given Hamas $50 million and Africa $674 million. At that rate I don't suppose we will ever, ever get out of debt. He needs to go.

I would like everyone's opinion here in Sikeston that has had trouble with the cemetery here in town. We've lost a loved one here in the last year and paid for a monument to mark the grave. It had to be paid in full. We could not get them to place it. We have waited eight months and can not get any answers from the employees in town. They give us the number of a guy in Arkansas that does not answer his phone. Has anyone else had trouble? Does anyone know what to do with this? I would love to know. It is bad enough to lose a loved one then have to go through this with them.

I just want to comment on this - "Stealing from a child." It must have been a dishonest skunk to take the child's $40 from him but this grandmother who gave this child $40 for shoes and clothing and food, things that he needs, well who is stealing from whom? How in the world can a child buy a pair of shoes, clothes and food with $40. That child would be doing good to buy a pair of shoes for $40 in this day and time. Feeling sorry, well, why should she wait until tomorrow to pray? She better do that today.

I would like to Speakout to anyone who is a boss at a business, such as a restaurant, a factory, even a hospital. Being a boss is a tough job and there are often times you may have to discipline an employee for something they may or may not be doing. Sometimes personal business can interfere with a job, even though it shouldn't. When it does please bear in mind that sometimes the employee can't help but have their personal business interfere with their job, especially when it pertains to their wife. Try to show a little compassion, try to be understanding. Today, I was called into the office due to a situation that involved some personal issues. My boss was not at all understanding. My wife is sick. Thanks boss for being so understanding. I appreciate it.

Does anybody know how to get candle wax out of carpet? Please put it in Speakout.

I would like to comment on the advice column. I agree with it wholeheartedly. It is time somebody said something. The article that the publisher writes, he is right on the money. Somebody came in my yard and stole some things not long ago. It is unreal what is going on in this city. I grew up here. I know what it was and I know what it is now and it is disgusting. I really appreciated what that woman said.