Speakout 8/7

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Yes, I'm calling about the flowers that are being stolen of f the graves at the IOOF Cemetery in Charleston. If you would, please stop stealing the flowers off of the graves. We know who you are and if you don't stop, you will be arrested. Please stop.

Yes, please print this. I would like to speakout about some of us Christian people. I want to say this with all the love I can say in my heart. About two years ago there was a man who was dying and he was on his death bed. I called this big church and asked them for help. I asked them twice to make sure they heard me. Well, they never called me back, they never got back with me. This is over there close to the Morehouse area, it's a great big church. They never got back with me, they never called me or anything. But yet, when I went to their church in the past they were praising the Lord and just really acting like they were spirit-filled. You know the Bible says we are supposed to help the poor people and the sick people and give them a helping hand and the widows and the little children and we are supposed to be good to these people. I mean this is the Bible, I mean this God. In the Bible is says let you do unto thee as you do unto me. So how can they be spirit-filled Christians if they don't help these poor, dying sick people. I just don't understand. Maybe some of you Christians out there can make me understand what is going on with this. Please speakout with this because I don't understand. I'm a Christian but sometimes this bothers me. I don't have nothing but I try to share what I have. I'm a poor person, but everything I got, if he needs it, I'll give them half of what I have. That's all I got to say. I just pray for these people. Churches just don't help like they used to. We need to pray and we need to help these people.

I have been reading comments about the drug problems in Sikeston. Well I lived there for over 30 years and it's always been the same. Let's be real, there is nothing in Sikeston. Sure there are a few good jobs but you have to know someone to get them which doesn't happen for most people. But the drug problem is everywhere but people have to go where they don't know anyone and start over.

I just want to let you know that I was throwing something down. I got my information from Reader's Digest and also from the computer, but mostly from Reader's Digest. If anyone wants to get on the computer and look up Bin Laden, them self, it will tell you also that Bin Laden has kidney failure and is truly a sick man. I don't think people realize how easy it would be to catch somebody on dialysis. I know how it easy it easy but the Republicans are too smart and the Democrats are too dumb. I guess you have to have the brain of a dummy to figure this out.