Speakout 7/15

Friday, July 15, 2005

This Speakout article is for a video store in Sikeston. I am originally from New Madrid and have recently moved back to the area after 20 years of military service. I attempted to be put on my wife's account to rent movies. We were told that a marriage license would not suffice, and to bring in a photo ID. I brought in three forms of ID, to include my driver's license (non-MO) and military ID.

The video store said that was not good enough, that I needed a Missouri driver's license. This is the first time in my life and career that a military ID did not suffice. Is this video store better than all of the other businesses I have dealt with in my life and military career?

Do they not support all of those

servicemember's and their families who sacrifice all they have to keep this video store safe at night? I hope people read this and let businesses know that this is not acceptable. My family and I will no longer do business with them.

To whoever wrote the teaching disrespect about the kids yes there are a lot of kids who have shot off fireworks and there is a law saying that fireworks are not allowed in Sikeston but how about when you were a kid bet you did the same and shot off fireworks as well as all the younger the kids do this days. And you say all these kids when they get a car they go to selling drugs to make their cars look nice with fancy rims and loud stereo systems, well you know man have you ever heard of a job? Some and most kids have them and they like to put their money into their cars and make them look nice. It's a hobby they have not buying and selling drugs. And last but not least you say if we get rid of the Section 8 housing it might get rid of some of Sikeston problems. Well I think everyone needs to think again and look at this point of view. OK, you take Section 8 away from the one's who are on it then they are out of

a home, nowhere to live so then we will have people living on the streets like they do in the big cities. If they take Section 8 away here in Sikeston I think then we will have people on the streets and then our crime rate is going to go up as well because people are going to need food and other stuff and then more robberies and then the crime rate will go up. Plus what about the ones who need Section 8. I know some don't that are on it but don't punish all.

I went to the local "home improvement store" here in Sikeston and purchased some lumber. Later I went to Riggs Wholesale and purchased the same lumber at a savings of almost 50 percent. Look around before you buy lumber. It's too high not to.

Everyone is complaining about President Bush and how they want him out of office. I guarantee come next president you will complain about him as well. If they used the energy that they are using complaining and instead started praying, things would be a whole LOT different. Maybe you should be fighting to bring prayer back to school, the 10 Commandments back to our courthouses, make sure the words, "In God We Trust" stay on our currency, and things that really matter. Be thankful that America can help other countries. Be more appreciative of what we do have and what we are able to do. Because without God this country is doomed.

I'm calling about property in Morehouse on Poplar. It was burned out two years ago and has been abandoned since. It has weeds five or six feet tall. Something needs to be done because of the mosquitoes and snakes. It is a breeding land. During wet weather it stinks. Somebody needs to take care of this, either the landowners or the city. Something needs to be done. Who else can we call to make them clean this up?