Speakout 2/10

Friday, February 10, 2006

To the person that wrote in about people on disability. I am in my early fifties and had to go on disability, not by choice, and I have a neuromuscular disease which is quite painful and yes, I do agree that there are people out there on disability that can work and are drawing it. But don't think all people are like that. Yes, some should have to give it back because they work for cash. But I also know people who get food stamps and WIC and sell their food stamps for cash and sell the milk they get for their children for cash to gamble on. I think there needs to be an investigation when people get turned in, but they don't.

I wish someone would tell the announcer at the Sikeston Home Basketball games how ridiculous he sounds when he says, "ttttthhhhhrrreeeeee"! That is just really, annoying and lots of people think so.

I recently had to have intake valve gaskets replaced on a 2000 Olds Alero. I contacted Oldsmobile by internet and learned that if my car had been repaired by a GM dealer I could have been reimbursed for the entire amount . But my car was not repaired by a GM dealer so I could only be reimbursed for the GM parts which is about 15 percent of the cost of $90.00. The auto shop said that they were doing as many as five a week. If you have this problem with your car or truck contact GM before having any work done. It may not cost you anything.

I was watching the CBS evening news the other night and one of our new anchors was interviewing President Bush, and let me tell you, the more I listened the more he made me sick at my stomach. How can he come on TV and lie to the American people, I don't know. He sure knows how to paint a beautiful picture of the economy when it is the worst in years. And if him and Condoleezza Rice had to go and fight in that war, it would end real fast. By the time he gets out of office, we all may be riding in horse and buggies. I would love to be standing on the White House lawn waving good bye to him when he leaves.

This is in response to "Not a choice for me." I've got news for you. Just because someone is young and disabled, doesn't mean it's a physical disability. Lots of people have mental disabilities, that you may not understand or are too ignorant to understand. I had to quit college because of my mental disability, and yes, I do stay home. I was brought up to work. I worked from the time I was 18 up until now, and believe you me, if I could go back to work, I'd do it in a minute. But because of my mental disability, I'm not able to do that. I hope from now on when you look at someone, you won't automatically assume that they are getting money for nothing.

I was just watching the Sikeston Poplar Bluff game on Channel 12, and what is wrong with the color? You can't even hardly see the players or anything.