Speakout 5/15

Monday, May 15, 2006

This person in my family gave me back one of the items stolen from me quite a few years ago. They told me where they got it from. I always thought that it was my father who stole these items, but come to find out, it was my sister.

There's a brown cat with black stripes and a collar on him. He acts like he is lost and he's at my home. Anybody missing a cat, can call 481-0470 and I'll tell them how to get here and get him, because I think he's lost.

Sikeston was scheduled to have a game with Cape Girardeau and they canceled the game due to bad weather. What a beautiful night it is! It seems that their ace pitcher couldn't pitch tonight so they canceled the game. Sikeston went up there and they said they forgot to call Sikeston. I think that's a shame that Cape Girardeau would do that. But, you know how they are.

I'm calling about the comment after the SpeakOut about work being the best antidepressant that said what a wonderful and truthful letter. I'm very disappointed to see that. It looks like it actually comes from somebody at the newspaper. The person who wrote that said that people that work don't have time for depression and that's a real low blow. Depression is a medical condition for the poor or the rich, working or not working. We as a society have caused a lot of death and needless suffering by treating depression as nothing more than weakness of character. We've got to get smarter than that. And I hope the person at the newspaper that agreed with that irresponsible statement can visit with an actual psychiatrist or an M.D. and learn the truth. Depression is a real disorder. There is legitimate treatment for it. It is not just laziness.

Hummingbirds have been sited by Sikeston native, Virginia Parker in Cassville, Mo. Virginia was looking out of the kitchen window when a pretty green hummingbird flew right up to the large flowering petunia basket and started going from bloom to bloom. Virginia was so excited that she called her son to email the Daily Standard to inform them of the sighting.

The well's ran dry

You know there comes a time that you learn a lesson. That lesson is that you can give and give and give but some just want more and never give anything back. Well that is what has happened. I am tired of giving. You go into the hospital and they never come and see you. You give to them and to their kids and to their family and you help all you can and they just don't care. I am done. I have given all I am going to give.

I read the article Dangerous Crossing by Mr. Josh Bill in the April 19 issue of the Standard-Democrat. I completely agree with him. I am amazed that people aren't speaking out against this railroad issue. I am very concerned since I have family traveling US Highway 60.