Speakout 2/3

Friday, February 3, 2006

I keep reading about the lawsuit between Ferguson Medical Group and the Hospital. It would be great if they would stop trying to chase in the newspaper. If a patient has a good doctor, they'll follow him or her wherever they go. Let it go. Whoever is right will win. I am just fortunate to have, in my opinion, the best doctor in the world, Ed Masters.

Why would a person who doesn't like dogs, doesn't enjoy making dogs comfortable, who doesn't care about feelings of dogs, whether they're cold or depressed, and dogs do get depressed - why would a person like that keep a dog around? Do you have to have something to bully? Is that important? I wouldn't give you two cents for all the macho and super macho men in Southeast Missouri. They are just insensitive louts. I have a message for you girls, they're no good in bed either. Get you a sensitive young man who is sweet and cares about thoughts and ideas. Macho men are too stuck on their selves. They're no good for dogs or women.

In your Jan. 19 SpeakOut, "I've done my homework" really showed their ignorance. This Medicare Rx plan is great if you are enrolled properly. First, you had better deal with a "certified agent" that has been trained about these plans, like my agent has been, or you will find yourself on the short end of a limb with no one to help if you have problems. Many of the plans DO NOT have a deductible (mine doesn't) that you have to pay. The President and Congress have done a great job, now the intelligent seniors will benefit and the ignorant, uninformed people like you will continue to complain and whine just like you have all your life. The agent that took care of me is over on Greer Street. He'll fix you up the right way if you get off your high horse and work with him.

Mike, about your article you put in the paper about your sturgeon fish, you know if our government spends $54 million on those sturgeon fish, why don't they tax all those rich people that's getting all those eggs out of them to eat their caviar? That's what it is. I don't think our government they should even think about the sturgeon. I think they should make everybody not fish for them anywhere in the Mississippi, Ohio or Missouri. That a way they would build their selves back. Some of the commercial fishermen I've talked to said they are already building their selves back.

Here it is, tax time again, and we're paying for all the able-bodied young people on disability. I see all these young people who can't hit a lick at work until they get their disability, then they can work 40 hours or more a week if they want to. As long as they can get that check, they're not gonna work. They ride motorcycles, babysit, drive taxis, work in restaurants as long as they draw cash, and still get a government check. I know people who work for minimum wage, and they don't get anything extra. The ones on disability can chose when they want to get up and work. I don't have that opportunity. I have to work whether I want to or not. Somebody needs to do something.