Speakout 2/20

Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm calling about the feature in Sunday's paper of the UAE Company posed to oversee six US ports. Why did this not make it on the front page so everybody could see what our government is putting up with? I can't believe they would allow a foreign country to come into our country and take over businesses. I think it's time the American people stood up and let them know we don't want foreign countries taking over things here. We're Americans and that's the way we want to leave it.

Give Cheney a break. When ole Kennedy drowned a woman drunk, they didn't question him like they have him. Give him a break. Cheney ain't been having sex in the White House either. Stop putting Bush down. No matter what they do, there's always some big scheme. Join behind the President and stop these people from coming over here and bombing us.

I am a Sikeston cheerleader and I'm writing because of all the articles that have been written about us lately. Most of the articles talk about how we aren't at all the out of town games but it isn't as easy as it sounds. If we went to every out of town game we would be cheering almost everyday except Sundays. Now don't get me wrong, I love cheering, but if we had to go to every single game, it would take over our life. If that were to happen then we would have no time for homework, church or family, and those should be the most important things, because it is what will benefit us for the rest of our lives. I don't understand why anyone would want to try and tell us how to do our job when we are doing our best with managing it all.

You just can't please everyone now and those cheerleaders are busting their butts trying to make their school a better place, to give their school something to be proud of, and all you all can do is criticize them. There are plenty of people that do absolutely nothing for that school and all you all can do is pick on the ones that try to. Just because the girls aren't at an out of town game in a cheerleading uniform doesn't mean they aren't there. Try looking in the Red Pepper section. I know for a fact cheerleaders got out of a long practice and hopped in the car to ride to the Jackson game. They wanted to tumble and get their crowd going but weren't allowed to--now that might not be all 23 girls, but that sure sounds like some are actually trying. And I'm pretty sure that the girls that drove 60 miles to a game on Tuesday didn't pay for their own bus, bus driver and gas. It might be kind of hard to get to an out of town game without transportation. And to the person who thinks cheerleading isn't a "real" sport, ha! Why don't you go watch one of their practices? Then tell everyone how easy it is and that they don't work hard. As a matter of fact, watch a video from State competition, then you will see not only how competitive it is, but how difficult it is. Why don't you try to do that stuff? Compare the cheerleading rank at state to the "real" sports, hmm I think football went to state this year.