Speakout 10/9

Sunday, October 9, 2005

This is in regards to speakout on Sept. 29 keep 'em out, That was such an ugly response. How dare you! Who are you to judge? People like you need much prayer, because you sound like a very unhappy and sad individual. Bless your heart.

To all of you women who have called in because you were trying to be spiteful to the skinny person , apparently, she hit a nerve! Apparently, you were a part of the problem in this town she was talking about. I wouldn't want to work nor shop at a store , whose employees act about as childish as a teenager does, or one where the employees are a bit too comfy in their jobs as saleswomen! What's the matter, women? Afraid of a little competition? If you had problems with her speakout, then apparently you are part of the problem she was referring to. Before you judge her, maybe you should try walking in her shoes for a day.

I'd like to speakout against the ones telling you everything about a flu shot, then you can go to another doctor's office and they tell you something else. I'm a high risk patient, cancer survivor. I don't have any immune system after chemo treatments. I just feel like the hurricane refugees can get flu shots, then the rest of the people should be able to get them, too.

I'm calling to complain about the pictures in your Standard-Democrat. I understand you all probably have editorial people that go over all that, but we pay for this every week, and we can't even see or make out the pictures on your front page. So, that's all I called to say.

I want to thank Mike for an exceptional Sept. 30 editorial. Thank you for having the guts and the courage to tell it like it is.

This is to Semo Electric. Somebody is not reading that meter right. Our bill is $500 to $600, and that ain't right. That's way too high. So, I'm just letting you know that we won't be using much electricity very much. I'll use wood in my stove so my electric bill will stay down.

Hey Mike, The Democratic party is tired of speaking out of both sides of their face, as usual. On Saturday's response on the President's address on national public radio, they spoke about gas prices and our foreign dependence on oil. Now who is it who will not let us drill and fought us every step of the way, along with any other thing that will make us energy dependent?

I would just like to know why there were no pictures in the paper of the Sikeston Farmington game. I know we didn't win, but we gave them a run for the money. Especially during half time. I find that very offensive to Sikeston. Your main title on the sports page was high school blitz. If we're gonna blitz give us a picture why not. This is Sikeston paper, not Charleston, not Malden. Hello?