Speakout 12/18

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hello. I live in Wendell Apartments and I am one of the people who really does love living there. And as far as their manager, I haven't had one bit of a problem with her. The only problem we ever have over here is getting our door fixed. And I understand, they don't want to fix the door until they do the rehab. You know sometime it gets a little scary and you wish they could fix it a little bit. Just enough where it would work. We just have to go along and be happy with the choices that are made. Sometime we don't like them and sometime they don't like the choices we make. But, that's the way life goes. And, I believe if anybody would go to Roxanna with a problem, she would work with you. In fact, I know she would. In fact, I hope she has patience with some of us that she's having with you or them. If she does that, I think everything will be okay. As far as a run in, I have not had a run in with her. She has been nice to me all the time, and I have no problem with her, none whatsoever. She has helped me in any way she can. I enjoy visiting her very much. Yes, we have the ones who want to b**** and whine, but there's going to be a few no matter where you're at. You aren't promised a rose garden. Hang in there, do the best you can. I enjoy living here with my friends and doing the things we do. So everybody else, just step aside and come down and be a part of us.

I would like to ask some people who claim to be Christians and good church members to take another look at their themselves. I know an incident where a person told a lie about a fellow employee, causing the loss of their job. Have you ever given any thought to the hardships you may have cost this employee because of your lies? You're not a Christian in God's eyes, as you have broke one of his commandments. The eighth commandment says you should not lie. You are not in good grace with God because of this sin. I would advise you to make things right with the people you told the lies to and make things right for the person you hurt through your lies. Then, maybe on Christmas, maybe Jesus will smile at you. Otherwise, I don't think you had better look at Him for the things you have done. If you want to be a Christian, act like one.

I was just watching Face the Nation and all this hype about the President's Christmas card saying Happy Holidays. For years people have said Happy Holidays, which include Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. The problem I have this year is with Wal-Mart having holiday trees instead of Christmas trees. Without Christ, there would be no Christmas. Also, I have a problem, and have had it for years, with people using X-mas. In my opinion, the X is crossing out Christ for Christmas. There again, without the birth of our Christ, we would have no Christmas. Thank you and you have a very, Merry Christmas.

Hello Mike. You have a good editorial in Sunday's paper. I agree 100 percent of the time that this is passed on from one generation to the other and they come to expect it handed to them every year. The same people. I know some who are just like some of the ones you are talking about. It just won't ever get any better I don't think. I just wish we would quit giving out.