Speakout 11/15

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

There was a large breed dog found in the vicinity of Ag Mart. To identify, call Ag Mart .

This goes out to the person who wrote Get It Straight in the Wednesday paper. Yes, we had the million man march and yes, taxpayers paid for it. So what, big deal. Answer this question for me. Who paid for the lynching that the KKK had? Was that the taxpayers money also? Yeah, I thought so. It's so funny how white people forget how dirty they were and still are today. But hey, sit back and don't complain. It's what yall want us to do and we're not having it. If you go up to the movie theatre, you see white kids out there drinking and driving crazy, but you see no police. But if you go to Cash Box, or anywhere around that area, and you'll see basically the police station there. By the way, I'm a biracial child, so I live in both worlds, both white and black. I see both sides and I know the difference. White people do treat black people different. You see, when I'm with my white father, I'm treated with respect. But, when I hang in the black area, or I'm with my black friends, the white officers are ready to attack. So to you, think before you speak, especially if you don't have a clue, until you really know how it goes down out here. Black people have been through a lot so it's time for white people to understand what we did to them and make it plain that we are apologetic and mean it. Then, and only then, can black people heal and move on. So now to you I say, you get it straight.

I have two complaints. Number one, while sitting at an intersection at Malone and Pine, about 2 p.m., there was a dark colored car in the left hand turn lane that tossed its trash onto the highway. Trash flew out of the driver's and passenger's window. Some of the trash was a container of chili and several napkins. People are such pigs and have no respect for our city or are environment. Number two, there is an article in the paper about tobacco tax hike and medicaid. I think there should be a law that when anybody purchases tobacco in any form, they should have to sign a form stating that they are the ones liable for all health risks relating to the tobacco product and that the government, state or federal, is not in any way responsible to pay their medical bills. They would also not be able to sue anyone for their health problems. The form they sign should be put on file with the state or federal government. Maybe this will free up taxpayers money for people who need help for illnesses no one has control over.

What a great idea!! You have my vote for President.