SpeakOut 3/7

Friday, March 7, 2008

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Have you ever thought about the people you work for? Your taxes help them in a way to pay their taxes. For instance, Blunt. Your taxes pay his salary, paid his medical and for him to take trips. Some of these people never lived a poor lifestyle growing up. That's why your middle class and lower class get treated the way they do.

I'm speaking out on the Sikeston-Notre Dame match up. Sikeston lost. Being 23 and 3, it's because you haven't played any competition. You can't play a cupcake schedule. That's not going to make you better in the end. Charleston plays tough teams that Sikeston should be playing. Sikeston, you had a good season, but it wasn't good enough. Michael Porter, you've got one more chance for the state championship. It takes a team to win, not just an individual.

Have you all changed the law or something. When the light turns green, people stop and when the light turns red, people go. And the yellow light, they just drive through it like I don't know what. I've seen some of these people when the light turns green, they just keep on sitting there. They need to give tickets to the people doing that.

I would like to thank the people that put the benefit on for the Kenny Rogers Children's Center. My sister-in-law came down from St. Louis and I got tickets for her to go Saturday night. I have never been so pleasantly surprised. The entertainment was so spectacular, the Bluegrass Band was tops and entertaining. They played their hearts out. The Elvis, Pasty Cline, Johnny Cash impersonators were top notch. They were on the stage for an hour and a half. They did their best to entertain the young and the old. The children from the Center were so wonderful and a delight to see. It just warms your heart in this age that it is so nice. The people that worked the auctions and the food in the kitchen, everything was done to the utmost satisfaction of every person there. Thank you Sikeston and all the people involved in this. I will get more people to come next year. It was fantastic. I have nothing but praise for them.

I would like to say that the administration at the 7th and 8th Grade Attendance Center has been wonderful this year. The principal and assistant principals have done an awesome job both in the way of discipline and public relations. They know what has to be done and are doing it.

We just wanted to let the Scott County Highway Department guys know how much we appreciate all their hard work during the bad weather. We saw them get dripping wet and falling down on the ice. I'm sure some of them got sick from this. We just would like to say a big thank-you. You deserve a big bonus or raise.

I'm calling about the Sikeston Humane Society. They are just not keeping it up very good on the outside. I'm scared to see what the inside looks like. My main concern is my family and I live in the area and we travel by there all the time. They never let the dogs out for exercise. It doesn't matter if the weather is nice, yucky or anything. There have been a lot of nice days and I've never seen the animals out. I just want somebody to be sure and keep an eye on it - maybe the Board of Directors or someone to make sure they are treating the animals nice. It's just here say, but I've heard a lot about it.

According to the director, Lanette Baker, they do let dogs out for exercise, not just all at the same time. Volunteers come by and walk the dogs. Some of the dogs are outside because they break the kennels down. Large, aggressive dogs that can break down the pens are put outside so other animals and people do not get attacked. The facility passed inspection by the state inspector.. There is an unfinished outside building that a volunteer started and construction was not finished. If someone would like to volunteer to complete it, the help would be appreciated.

What can be done about the stores putting prices on the shelves as one thing and then when you get up to the register, the prices are higher? Then the checkers can't do nothing about it. If it's on the shelf as one price, then that's what you ought to pay for it because that's what you're expecting to pay for it. Not what they want to charge you when you get to the check out.

I'd like to speak out about how proud I am of the Portageville school successfully competing with New Madrid County Central in sports. And to think years ago during this school consolidation, Portageville was the only town that New Madrid basically really tried to recruit and were unsuccessful to get them to consolidate with them. And now, Portageville is still going strong. I'm a victim of my town losing our school. I'd like to congratulate Portageville on how they fought through the consolidation and their town surviving and still being a successful town with their own school.