Letter to the Editor

Your view: Thanks, senator

Monday, August 29, 2005

Thank you Senator Bond. The Scott City Council and Mayor wish to personally thank you for responding to the needs of the Scott City residents by promoting the inclusion of funds in the Federal Transportation Bill to build the Ramsey Creek Bridge.

This action:

Relieves congestion at the I-55 interchange and improves public safety for those accessing the interstate as well as those trying to get through this area to reach the school district and other communities west of Scott City.

Provides as safe alternatives for the vehicles moving from the distribution center, diluting their impact on the existing interstate access.

Opens a whole new area of Scott City for economic development planning.

Provides a needed alternative to I-55 and allows a direct access to the Industrial Park.

Overall, this project will contribute greatly to the safety, growth and well-

being of the Scott City community and north Scott County. Senator Bond is to be applauded for helping the citizens of this area.