SpeakOut 3/26

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Call 471-6636

Don't like all the water pooling up in Scott County? You can thank Tim Searchinger of Environmental Defense who got the judge to halt the St. John's Bayou/New Madrid Floodway Project. If the gap in the levee was closed preventing backwater from the river in New Madrid County and the pumps were working allowing New Madrid County to get rid of its water, then the water in Scott County would have a place to go. High and dry in his Washington, D.C., office, Mr. Searchinger thinks protecting our "wetlands" (which is actually irrigated farmland most of the year) is more important than our safety and well being. I invite you to give him a piece of your mind. He can be reached at his office at: (202) 387-3500. I think his cell phone number might still be 202-368-3852. Give him a piece of your mind. Somebody ought to drag his smug *#% here by his ear to help fill sandbags.

My first statement is that I'm so sorry for the family of the girl that was shot and killed in Cape Girardeau over that man. These men have got to realize that they cannot play with women's minds and hearts. Their minds are weak. Their hearts overcome and they lose all sense of reasoning. I believe that man is as much as fault as the woman that shot the other woman, although she was more in the wrong. You cannot go around playing with people's feelings and heart that way because you lose all sense of reasoning. All sanity goes out the window. And that number one feeling of jealousy and envy take over. These men have to realize that before you start that next relationship, make sure that first relationship is over. That goes for men and women. Now look at the families that are shattered from what has happened because of this murder in Cape Girardeau. No different than the boy that was shot and killed last year in Sikeston by a boy over a woman. Their minds are weak. You can't play with someone's feelings.

If there's anybody in Sikeston with a relative in Jamaica whose telephone number is 876-397-0359 and this person has a cell phone with a 380 prefix, could you please call them and give them the correct number? They call my home at all hours of the day and night and don't understand or comprehend that they are calling the wrong number. They won't quit calling my phone. My only option is to change my cell phone number, which I don't want to do.

I'm calling about the Innocent until proven Guilty. I'm the stupid idiot that called it in the first time about if they didn't break the law their name wouldn't end up on the wall of the court house. If there seems to be so many times that they are brought to court and found not guilty, they obviously have a very good attorney. They might want to start suing for false accusations if they are so repeatedly and wrongly accused. It might stop the attempted prosecution.

- - -

I read in SpeakOut about Innocent until proven Guilty, about breaking the law and your name being posted on the court room wall. This person came back at this person and said just because your name is posted on the wall doesn't mean you are automatically guilty. The fact of the matter is that apparently this person has done something for the authorities to believe that he has broken the law in the first place. They may want to hang out with better people or watch the kinds of life that they are living. Also, I wanted to mention that I have never been called to the court house just to hang out. Obviously, the authorities have better things to do than just finding innocent people and trying to prove them guilty. Take a look at your life and make sure you are not doing wrong. Then you won't have to worry about your name being posted.