Letter to the Editor

Your view: M-m-m good

Monday, October 3, 2005

I am a visitor in Sikeston this week, and would like to comment on a gem in the Sikeston restaurant scene. I had the pleasure of dining at Joseph's Restaurant last evening, and am writing this in hope that Sikeston will support this fine dining experience.

From appetizers to dessert, Joseph's measures up to any fine restaurant anywhere. The menu is diverse. Our group had steak, lamb chops, shrimp and chicken teriyaki, and everyone enjoyed their entree. The salads were generous and imaginative. The fried ice cream was delicious!

There was a nice crowd of people, and I hope that the following will continue to grow. Sikeston will be the winner if Joseph's prospers, and the loser if they fail.

I, for one, will dine there anytime I visit the area.

Susan Gaglio

Panama City Beach, Florida.