Speakout 11/25

Friday, November 25, 2005

This message is to our editor, Mike Jensen, in regards to your editorial on the meth problem. I agree there should be a solution to the growing epidemic of meth use. But what you need to realize is that awareness is vital in prevention. Just because you assume that everyone is given the same knowledge as you, doesn't necessarily mean they really do. There are battles going on everyday, even in your town, for the fight against drugs, and people are making a difference. But, until you are down in the gutter with these addicts, be careful of how much you think you know!

For many senior citizens in Charleston, the Charleston Nutrition Center is the only place they can go to enjoy nutritious food at a modest price. It is also an excellent location for them to socialize and that is important. The Center has become a staple in the lives of many, and hopes to continue serving in this role. Unfortunately, reflection on this past summer has shown that they may not have enough to back up their functions and planned growth. The Center is cooled by a single air conditioner that has been broken for some time. Knowing that it is essential that for the elderly be in a cool environment during the heat of the summer, the Center hosted many fund raising events to repair the broken machine. But alas, they were not able to raise the necessary funds for the repair and they need additional support prior to the coming spring and summer seasons. Any ideas for additional funding should be advanced to Beverly Miller, administrator, at 573 683-6115.

I have this dog that just came to our house. He is a very nice dog. He is big dog, black and white spotted and his hair is long. He is very good natured. If you have lost a dog, give me a call at 683-3516.

I would like to speak out to the poor that are on Medicaid and Medicare. You will always get the run around and be told that they are not taking new patients at this time. According to these doctors, we are nothing compared to them. I thought doctors took oaths to treat all patients. According to the U.S. Constitution, all people are created equal, but apparently not at this clinic. I have been denied. If you are poor or poor class, you will be treated rudely and tactless and they're just downright hateful. I think these doctors should be denied their medical licenses.

I would just like to say thank you to Gail, Ann, the VNA hospice nurse, Kay, and Carlena. and all the staff at Westridge Place for all the super care they gave my mother for the three and a half years she was there, for all the kindness they gave our family. You all were absolutely the greatest and you made my mother's passing more than I could have ever asked for because of the love. I love you all very much. But most of all, I want to thank for loving my mother. Thank you, Peggy.