Speakout 12/11

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'd like to speak out about the man who got shot in the back. I thought it was illegal to discharge a firearm in the city limits, but I guess it's alright to shoot someone in the back. As much trouble as we have in the west end of town, we really need another club right uptown.

Hey, did y'all notice that Santa Claus that came in on the weekend of the 26th? I just get such a big kick of everybody saying that Santa Claus is coming to town and why, he's already been here. He's already taking a parade around down town. I'm telling you, my grandkids couldn't wait to take a ride in his sleigh and the pictures were pretty good, too. Thank you, Santa Claus. Thank you for bringing a good tradition back to Sikeston. If anybody wants, you can go downtown, go for a ride, get pictures. Everything is fun. Thank you again, Santa Claus, and Merry Christmas to everybody.

Peek-a-poo, I want you

I'm looking for a white peek-a-poo dog, or I would like very much to have just a small white dog. I don't need papers or anything, or who the dog's family is. I just need a companion. A small white dog. I would prefer a peek-

a-poo. Please put your number in SpeakOut so I can get in touch with you.

This if for the hateful person who thinks they know so much about my business with my handicapped daughter at the Workshop. You know, I have worked all my life helping disabled, elderly and sick people, but it's none of your business. I do get a disability, but I worked hard for what I got most of my life. As far as my daughter, that's not any of your business about how she spends her money or anything. I was just trying to find dental help for her. Anyway, I will say again, I feel like it's not any of your business. You sound like one of these people who have life good and always been able to get a job and had plenty of money in the bank and a new car and all that. You are probably an older person. They seem to be the ones who get all hyped up about helping the needy and the poor. So hey, don't worry about it. If you can't say something nice about me and mine, don't say anything. I should have more sense than to put anything like this in the paper anyway. I won't be doing it again. But, hey, you have a nice Christmas and I hope God blesses you anyway.

- - -

This is in reference to the kind of nasty little note that was in the paper about the person needing help for the Workshop person. First of all, maybe you need to understand what the Workshop is. The Community Sheltered Workshop is for the severely mentally and physically disabled, that are unable to get jobs anywhere else because of their disability. That right there ought to tell you one thing. The child is either on SSI, Medicare or she's on Medicaid. Neither is honored by dentists locally. You have a heck of a time getting in to a dentist and there is only one that takes it and that is Dr. Dillon. You have a heck of a time getting in to him because he is booked up so far in advance. You have no choice. You have nowhere to go. Before you start hooting and hollering at these parents, you might want to walk a mile in her shoes and handle a mentally challenged child for the last at least 21 years. Because after they graduate from high school, that is where they go to work. So before you start nickin' and pickin', maybe you need to walk in their shoes.

On Friday Dec. 2 a Sikeston police officer stopped a young man for going 50 mph in a 30 mile zone on Illinois Ave. He gave the young man a ticket for speeding. The young man had no insurance and he gave him no ticket for that. This isn't right. This is not a judgment call. If someone has no insurance, they should get a ticket.