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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nobody asked me but...congratulations to the Sikeston Lady Bulldogs basketball team for a stellar season.

Although their year did not end the way they wanted with a district loss to Notre Dame, the girls should hold their head high after an 18-7 season.

Sikeston won first place in the Chaffee Tournament, third place in the Twin Rivers Christmas Tournament and had a program first, with a win over Poplar Bluff.

Coach Johnson did a wonderful job with the girls and should win coach of the year for the area. Senior Allison Blurton emerged through the season as one of the premier players in the area.

The Lady Bulldogs will miss seniors Blurton, Paige Silverthorn and Whitney McCray. However, the cupboard is not empty for Sikeston and next season should be another entertaining one.

* While I praise the Sikeston girls for a wonderful season, it is eating at me that Sikeston was seeded so low in the district. From what has been related to me, Sikeston would fare well against No. 3 seed Perryville.

The Mineral Area teams get by with playing a soft schedule, so their respective records are deceiving. I believe that Notre Dame will win the Class 4, District 1 title for girls. What I know is fact, is that a team from Mineral Area will NOT win.

It is not sour grapes, just the truth. Sikeston can alleviate all doubt by picking up Ste. Gen, Perryville and Fredericktown next season for regular season play.

* One more dagger for Mineral Area teams, this time for the boys. How in the name of all that is good and holy, did Ste. Gen get ranked in the top 10 in the state for Class 4 earlier in the season? Once again, it just goes to show you that playing a soft schedule will get you more respect and it also shows you what polls mean when it's all said and done.

* Some more predictions sure to go Class 1, District 1, Clarkton received the No. 1 seed, while Scott Central garnered the No. 2 seed. If you haven't seen Clarkton play, do so. Freshman Dustin Ferguson has in-the-gym range and do not give Ferguson room to shoot. Ferguson is Redick, Jr.

Clarkton will face Scott Central in the finals and win 106-98.

In Class 1, District 2, Bell City will pick their margin of victory over Saxony Lutheran.

In Class 3, District 1 at Malden, Doniphan will get by Malden in the semifinals and Portageville will trip up Twin Rivers in the other semis. The Bulldogs will have no answer for 6-foot-10 Matt Rogers of the Dons and Doniphan will take the title, 60-52.

For Class 3, District 2 at Poplar Bluff, Charleston will face Puxico in the finals and will win 72-57 over the Indians. The 'Jays need to watch out for Jonathan Helm of Puxico, he will be a handful.

As for the girls in Class 3, District 2, Kelly will advance to the sectionals with a 52-48 win over Greenville.

* What is going on over at Charleston? A close loss to Poplar Bluff at the Big Bluff is understandable.

What is beyond the realm of possibility is the beat-down Doniphan gave the 'Jays on Tuesday night.

Charleston should be thankful that their district is watered down and they should win the title with no trouble at all.

But the 'Jays better get it together quick or their season may end the way of the football team; loads of potential with not much to show for it.

And finally, nobody asked me but...Yes, Quin Snyder should be gone from the Mizzou basketball program.

But the way Snyder left, just leaves a bad taste. It is one thing to be fired midseason, but to resign is another. Make them get rid of you, go out fighting for yourself and your team.

Snyder quit on his players, plain and simple. I hope future Snyder suitors remember the way he left.

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