Speakout 3/2

Thursday, March 2, 2006

You yellow dogs lay off of Cheney will you? He married a good ole Missouri girl from over here around Willow Springs. She's a good ole lady. He paid his $125 license fee down there. They just come out in September that you had to get this little old $7 stamp. They just started it. He was on private property anyway. I know you boys. He's a good boy. We're lucky to have him.

I'm calling concerning the tax refund check. My spouse and I work faithfully everday, never miss a day of work, never hardly get anything back. These lazy people who lay at home and have all these babies and live off of welfare and food stamps, they get back over a $1,000 in tax money. Why is that H and R Block? We work, pay taxes and get nothing back. They don't work, get food stamps, free medical assistance and get a tax refund. How can that be?

I thought I'd seen everything when Bush tried to mess things up with the stupid prescription drug program. Then I turn on the TV and see where he wants to turn over the six main ports of the United States over to the Arabs and let them run them. Good God. Those people can't be trusted. They fight among themselves all the time. They get in there and they'll bring in all their buddies, and first thing you know the whole United States will be filled with terrorists and they'll blow us all to crap and they'll take over what is left. I knew ole dummy Bush was drinking again, but I didn't know he had lost his mind. He looks like a little mouse without a tail.

Simon Cowell is so right on his opinion.

This is a Sikeston Bulldog fan. I want to say thank you to the Scott Central School Board for making our team better this year. They know what I mean.

In watching American Idol, I think that Ace is the one that's got it going on. He has got everything it takes to be the true American Idol. Come on girls, what do you think? Doesn't he just make you swoon?

To the person who wrote to SpeakOut and said they had some Campbell soup labels to send someone for schools, etc. I would appreciate it if you would send them to Leopold Elementary. It is a small school and I have two grandchildren attending there. I've been sending them labels for a long time. I know they'd appreciate them. They use labels from Campbell products, Best Choice and General Mills. The address is Leopold Elementary School, Leopold, MO 63764. Thanks!