Speakout 1/5

Thursday, January 5, 2006

I agree with the caller that small towns should obey the law. Laws are made for people's protection. Like in Morehouse, these people riding these four wheel ATV's up and down the street. It looks cute, but it's against the law. If someone gets hurt or killed, they'll come right back on the city and the police department for not stopping it.

I see where the Democrats are going to target Missouri. Well, that won't bother me. I won't listen to their hogwash. I've known them for far too long.

I am so tired of seeing negative comments about the law enforcement in Oran. What do these people want no law at all? All this stuff on the news and in the papers is so stupid. All the rest of us are tired of seeing and reading about it. Grow up people and quit whining like a little baby. There is no law in our town and when all the riff raff and druggies find this out, they move in. Is this what you want? Several of us would trade places with you.

- - -

The Oran cop needs a pat on the back for trying to restore some law and order back to the town that has had none for several years. I am an elderly lady that is happy he is stopping the drunk drivers, no matter who you are. Do you think you should be exempt because of who you are? The law pertains to everyone. I bet you would feel different if it was someone else driving drunk and they had an accident involving one of your family members. Just because this is Oran doesn't mean there shouldn't be any laws and rules. Stop all the rumors and get the facts. This guy is doing a good job. You have a lot of support of us over 50 crowd. Keep up the good work.

What is wrong with the world today? The laws and the court system? I know a family that has been going through the court for four to five years over a little girl that was molested when she was two. To this day, the man is walking the streets of Southeast Missouri. Now there is another little girl living with this man. She is also two and a cousin to the other little girl. How can a man like this walk around and have kids living in his home? What ever happened to serve and protect? Or Family Services? I know drugs is a problem, but so is molestation of little children.

New Madrid County voters, wake up. Look at your New Madrid County officials and your county. You paid the tax and absolutely nothing has been done. County trucks, sheriff department cars are beyond driving. Not one has been replaced. There are rumors going around that the commissioners are going to get a raise and possibly a DARE officer implemented. If this happens, I think the voters should step up and complain. As a voter and a taxpayer, I would like to see some results, not raises. Wake up, voters. Look at your county equipment and employees.

While the tax was approved in August 2005, the collection will begin in April 2006, with the county to receive the first funds following in May. In 2005 the County Salary Commission met and voted to keep the salaries of elected officials at their current levels.