Letter to the Editor

Your view: An education

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Michael Jensen laments that he will go to his grave not understanding "liberal Democrats" and asked for someone to educate him. Well, I am a former Republican voter with no ties to the Democrats, but I would like to help educate Mr. Jensen.

To begin with, the General Assembly did not allocate $185 million dollars to "expand the Medicaid program;" they approved the money because they failed last year to correctly predict how many Medicaid recipients would drop off the roles as a result of cuts to the program. In addition, prescription drug costs were far greater than anticipated.

It has become fashionable for right wing pundits to kick around the disabled and older adult communities when health care costs soar, after all, they make an easy target. What neither the Limbaugh legion's, nor many of our lawmakers have the courage to address is the obscene influence that the prescription drug industry and other big business interest have on our lawmakers, and the costs to the health care system generated by this relationship. It is far easier to bash a sick person than a mega corporation with armies of high paid lobbyists.

Many older adults and disabled people fear going to their graves not understanding why they are continually made scapegoats for a health care system that is rife with price gouging and provider abuse while our lawmakers look the other way.

Will Richardson

Director Outreach and Education SEMO Alliance for Disability Independence

Cape Girardeau