Speakout 6/12

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am sending this letter to the person driving the white Saturn at 9:55 p.m. on Tuesday, June 6th. When you backed out of Otter's Bar in Oran and almost hit my passenger side, my daughter was in that seat. Yes, I followed you to get your plate number, you fled onto the gravel road to make it impossible. When I realized who you were I didn't make the call. I knew your last name would only make problems for me and my family!

Can anyone tell me what has happened to the beautiful rose bushes at the Immaculate Conception Church at New Madrid?

This is to the farmers who are spraying around County Road 529 in Sikeston. Most of you do not even live around here. Every year I have put a lot of time and effort into putting out a nice large garden. I have grapes, raspberries, blueberries and apple trees. During the freeze I covered all except the apple trees and they escaped without harm. Then you come along and spray and destroy everything! I put so much effort into it. I had huge grapes on the vines and now the leaves are curled and plants are dying. My garden is too. If you would inform me when you were going to spray, I could cover my garden as I did when we had the freeze. It not only affects me, my neighbor has COPD and emphysema. Invariably, the day you spray she gets sick and will have to see the doctor shortly after. We are all getting sick from these sprays. Our water, now too, is effected. Just because you own several acres of property does not give you the right to destroy others. How would you like for me to come to your house, fly over and spray all your family with pesticides and poisons and kill all your vegetation? If anyone knows how we can get anyone to check our water, please leave the number in SpeakOut.

I read your SpeakOut on Friday, June 1, what's major in Miner. It's not the law enforcement in Miner, it's individuals that's the trouble. And you can't tell me that Sikeston don't have individuals over there. And consolidation between the towns and we're stubborn? Yeah, we're stubborn. Because Sikeston wants our revenue from our hotels and restaurants and all that other stuff they can't handle over there because most of their tax money is in New Madrid County. Yeah, we're going to be stubborn. That's why I moved out of Sikeston. We don't have a problem over here. We just have a few individuals who don't know any better, a council person. They just like to stir up trouble. No different than any other town. We're glad you're interested in Miner. We've got some good restaurants. Come on over. Enjoy it.

I'd like to speak out on the cell phone use in the city of Sikeston. I think it would certainly be nice if the City Council would pass that ordinance. I see people pulling out in front of you in the road with those cell phones and I think it would be a good thing to have.

Why would you take a tire off a disabled person's car? I don't understand that. I live over by Virginia Pine Apartments and someone took the wheel and tire and all off of my car. I was very upset and almost had a nervous breakdown over it! Anyway, I hope they enjoyed the tire and it gets them around. By the way, when I go to church, I'll try and pray for them.