Speakout 10/23

Monday, October 23, 2006

I would like to respond to the caller who complained about the temperature of the soft drinks at the Sikeston football games. I have volunteered to work at the concession stand numerous times for the Sikeston football games on the booster side of the stadium. We have had several complaints about the temperature of the soft drinks. Sikeston Public Schools are required to use Pepsi products as they have a contract with Pepsi. We have talked to Pepsi several times about the temperature of the soft drinks in their machines and they continue to tell us the sodas are as cold as their machines will work. I understand that the Booster Club members have told Pepsi that this is not cold enough, but Pepsi refuses to do any different. If you would, please call Pepsi Mid America in Sikeston at 1-800-827-7020 and ask them to get appropriate equipment at the Sikeston High School Football stadium and possibly you can have some cold soft drinks.

I wonder why there was nothing in the paper about the man who lived in Virginia Pine Apartments who shot and killed himself yesterday? There was nothing in the newspaper or on the TV news either.

Typically, news media does not report suicides if they are done in the privacy of their own homes.

I was reading in SpeakOut where these people were trying to get energy assistance to get their gas turned back on. Well I have a question for them. How come their gas bill was $1,700? I didn't even know the gas company would let you get over $130 over on your gas bill because they threatened to shut me off at $30. How do you people expect the energy assistance program to pay that much money? I just don't believe that they will and I don't blame them. Something ain't right when your gas bill runs $1,700. You either need to try to get out and get a job or I don't know what to tell you. Usually gas assistance won't pay over $100 to $300 on a gas bill. Make me understand why your bill is so high.

Cory Lidle died in a plane crash this week. But other players in the league on his ex-team, the Philadelphia Phillies, didn't care if he crashed or not, because when the baseball world went on strike he was one of the ones who come and played ball and crossed the line, because he was a minor league player at the time. Arthur Rhodes, the left-handed relief pitcher for Philadelphia that went 0-5 this year that sat his butt on the bench and didn't go to the playoffs, was crying because he was a scab. He loved the game for the game, not this little cliche, the union, the union. If you don't go to unions we are going to harass you, we're going to terrorize your life. That ain't no different than other unions. We don't have to make $10 million. They do the same thing to trucking industries and other industries. Cory, God bless your soul, I am glad you did what you did. Arthur Rhodes, get a life, because you ain't going to have one, because you are going to be sitting in the bullpen again. Because you know what? He loved the game. You let the unions run your game. I just wish the rest of the world would see it the way he did. The trucking industry is getting gigged by the union laborers because they want somebody to babysit their benefits. It ain't gonna work. Dictatorship, we don't want that. We've got enough problems in the world without that. I sure do appreciate you letting me talk.