SpeakOut 2/13

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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I had a dream the government sent Missouri no more money. I had a dream Missouri blew away. I had a dream it all grew back in prairie grass. Oh what a wonderful dream. I'm in hillbilly heaven. Amen.

This is to all of the people in the local areas. If you would please take the time and watch what your local law enforcement does for your communities. They work through all of your holidays that normal people have off, they have to request a month or two in advance to get time off. Plus these officers have families too. They miss birthdays, family gatherings and holidays. These men and women choose to put their lives on the line for the citizens of their towns and counties. And if you are a criminal, quit your whining when they come knocking on your door in the middle of the night with a 25 pound weight. If you were a honest person instead of a crook, you would have nothing to fear from them. It's their job to enforce these laws that people above them in local government, federal and state, decide what needs to be enforced. And if you think you can do the job better then most of these officers on the streets, the SEMO Law Enforcement Academy is in Cape. Thank you to the officers and there families that put everything on the line for the people in your communities.

In comment to "Traffic Control." The schools do have the right to control traffic around the schools. Once the children are on school property, the staff at the school are responsible for them. So, I am very grateful for the way the school staff care for our children and take the safety issues so seriously. I have witnessed several times while taking my child to school, that if there had not have been traffic control, a child would of been hit. If you have a problem with this procedure, then maybe you should drop your child off on the side of the building where there are no staff present. I commend the school for their work and for ensuring the safety of my child.

Do you all screen these things? How about an Editor's note? The United States House of Representatives utilizes no religious texts in the swearing in process (Bible, Koran, Google, etc.) Incoming members merely stand in front of the podium raise their right hand and recite an oath (remember, there's usually a lot of them.) They do pose afterward for PR photos. Keith Ellison (D-

MN) was the first Muslim elected to the House and posed with Nancy Pelosi after taking his Oath - both hands on the Koran. Interesting thing about that very Koran they held though - it's original owner? Thomas Jefferson.

This is for the Blunt bites, Jan. 24 complainer. You are on Medicaid and do not have dental insurance. I work for a living contributing to society and I do not have dental insurance either. Why should you be more special than me? You stated you did not know what you were going to do - last time I checked dentists accepted cash. Get a job. Pick up cans if you have to. Just contribute and not expect the state and me to be responsible for your dental care.

Once again, Sikeston Schools are out for a snow day, and parents are letting their children play on the hill at the Sikeston Sports Complex. Instead of parking at the Clinton Building, they park on North Ingram, one of the busiest streets in town. Speeding traffic does not watch for children playing in the snow there. This has been going on for years. How long until a child is injured or worse? I have called numerous times with no result. Please think about the safety of the children.