Speakout 11/24

Friday, November 24, 2006

Is our post office short-handed or what? Once again our neighborhood of Laurelwood, Thornwood and Tanglewood is receiving our mail very, very late in the evening. This is bad for several reasons. It is so much easier to be able to pick up our mail when we get home from work rather than go back outside in the middle of the night with flashlights in this cold weather to get our mail. Also many times we forget to go back out and get it and it sits there all night. One of my neighbors found a bill laying on the ground, where one of the postal workers dropped it because it was so dark. This is ridiculous. Many of us do not like to go out at night alone to get our mail. This is ludicrous and not necessary. Mail should be delivered early enough that they can get their mail when they arrive home after work. If the post office needs more workers, they need to hire them.

I would like to know how much rain we have got in September and October this year. Thank you.

We contacted Sikeston BMU. According to their records, recorded rainfall for September was 10.23 inches and 4.25 inches for October.

I just wanted to call and comment on Fisherman's Net. We went there the other night and he ordered a steak and it was the best steak in town. I've never seen a steak that big and the price was just right.

Mike Jensen, I don't know if you are still living in the Stone Age or what, but your article in the paper the other night was way out of line. It will be at least two months before the Democrats take over so quit putting the blame on them. They can't even take over until January. I thought you was a Christian man, you're not supposed to be putting blame on somebody else, put blame where it really belongs. We've been in this situation for the last 12 years and we've had nothing but Republicans over here running this country. The Democrats will do a lot better job than the Republicans.