Looking Back 11/24

Friday, November 24, 2006

60 years ago

SIKESTON - Joy Allen and Mary Keaton have announced that they will open the Jack and Jill Shop at the former location of the P.J. Auto Store.

40 years ago

SIKESTON - Beginning Thursday, Sikeston telephone users must dial 1 before making station-to-station long distance telephone calls. The change comes from newly installed equipment at the Southwestern Bell Telephone office in town.

CARUTHERSVILLE - Central Construction Co. of Sikeston was the low bidder in two of the five contracts let Thursday for sewer and street projects planned here.

20 years ago

Nov. 24, 1986

CARUTHERSVILLE - A prisoner at the Pemiscot County Jail really got something out of a church service - he got free, briefly. The man escaped custody Friday about 8:30 p.m. by fleeing out the back window of the church. He was located at 2:30 p.m. Saturday in a closet at a residence in Hayti Heights and was taken into custody without incident.

SIKESTON - Framework is going up on the new gymnasium and cafeteria of the SeMo Christian Academy on Ables Road. The new structure will replace the original building which was destroyed by the tornado which cut a swath through Sikeston in May.

10 years ago

SIKESTON - License bureaus across Missouri are making two major changes - driver's licenses and license plates for vehicles are getting a facelift. New blue, green and white license plates have arrived and are already on automobiles. The Show Me State will be represented in color, rather than the red, black and green plates we've become familiar with. The new licenses are designed with security features, silver-colored state seals and a security pattern visible only under ultraviolet light, to make them virtually impossible to alter or counterfeit.

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