Speakout 7/26

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Call 471-6636

The Freedom Center in Cape Girardeau does electrotherapy on your ears to help you quit smoking and curb your appetite. The number is 334-4599. It does work.

I would like to speak out on when the religion is going to start running our government. Apparently George Bush vetoed the stem cell research deal to where they're not expanding the funding for stem cell research. Basically he says because of the majority of the people you know which goes back to the right, the choice, abortions, and all that. However, China, if we don't get on with it, is going to be so far ahead of us in the development of stem cells, we might as well throw the towel in right now. And he says the majority of the people? The majority of the people didn't vote for him to be the president, they voted for Al Gore. He had the majority of the vote. The majority of the people, I don't think, is against stem cell research. I believe our Congress needs to wake up and start doing some house cleaning. Come November, I'm going to do some house cleaning. Thank your for letting me speak out. It's about the only thing we have left is our freedom of press. And that's another thing. If they take away from our freedom of press and make reporters reveal their sources that is about as silly as they can get. That's the only thing we've got left in this country. The only thing we've got left is the freedom of the press. Wake up people. Don't let our government take that away from us. We may as well be a dictatorship then. We have no chance without the freedom of our press. We are a doomed society.

Farmers are not gods, just people. People that think they have certain privileges that belong to no one else. They think they need to take a whole road to move a piece of machinery several miles and you can't get around them to get to a job or keep an appointment. That's your problem after all. They think that road is theirs, that it is their own private property. As for burning fields, that's your problem too. It's their privilege to burn that field. The fact that you can't breathe is no concern to them. And if you have a wreck and kill someone that is not their problem either. Also if their irrigation system covers the highway and your car gets wet, well you shouldn't be on that road. That's also their privilege. The fact that they grow our cotton and our food that eliminates them from having to follow the laws other people do. Wake up farmers, you're not God. You just think you are and you need the consumer as much as we need the farmer. It would not you much good to grow things no one buys. A lot of people have jobs that are not easy and are not air conditioned, but they do them every day for the same reason you do your farming - money.

I noticed there was a new barber shop on Kingshighway. Does anyone know when they will be open for business?

Open now, the hours are 7-5 p.m. on Tues.; 8-5 p.m. on Wed. and Thurs.; 8-6 p.m. on Fri. and 8-1 p.m. on Sat.