SpeakOut 2/22

Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm calling to clarify something. Barack Obama is not Islamic. Fox News has been spreading that lie for sometime now. I wouldn't care if he was Islamic though. John Edwards is a multimillionaire lawyer, but he did grow up poor. You don't have to be poor to be compassionate. Any Democrat will do more to help poor people on the state or national level than any Republican. To take the governor at his word is asinine. During his first campaign, Matt Blunt lied when he said he would keep Medicaid intact. He also lied when he said he would pursue doctor and provider fraud as related to Medicaid. Years later, he still hasn't pursued that yet.

A reader's views in SpeakOut on Feb. 11 is questioning the amount of drugs and crimes in such a small town as Sikeston. They seem to allude to the fact that is someone or the town's fault. So what else is knew? Anything anyone does - it is never their fault. It's always someone else's fault. The caller mentions psychology versus sociology war and nature versus nurture war. The person also mentioned that if there were more jobs the problem would be solved. Well wake up from the darkness of the cave. The only solution to addressing that many problems of that element of society is stop paying people to spread their legs so the government can throw money every time they cry. The working class family, here I emphasize family - husband, wife and children are getting fed up with pregnant government bellies. When you scrape by to provide insurance for your family, you won't go the doctor unless it's an emergency. But the pregnant government belly people go for unnecessary things because it's free. I look at the pregnant government belly people and say I'm sending them to the doctor, buying their groceries and paying for their house. And paying for their clothes. All the while I'm cutting my budget to meet my monthly expenses. No wonder they have so much time to get into trouble - they're not doing anything. Everybody is doing it for them . If you really observe, 99 percent of the government belly people, how they holler and curse at their children. So those children grow up to be pregnant government belly children and repeat the cycle for 10 generations or more. We will never make progress until we regress and expect the old fashioned way - for people to be accountable and provide for themselves. Government officials better wake up from their stupor. Pregnant government belly people have babies intentionally. They know exactly what they are doing. What we have that are changing our communities and contributing to our communities' problems are pregnant government belly people who have more pregnant government belly people. Then you have the problem we have now. We can talk about it until we are blue in the face. It will never and can never be addressed until we stop paying people to have babies, which are destroying the fiber of this country. Pregnant government belly people represent the most un-American belief - laziness, no worth ethic and demanding that others are responsible for their lot in life. Stop the insanity, stop the money.

I'm calling about the response to the lady that had the 43-year-old daughter that is retarded and she was complaining about not getting dental because Blunt had cut her Medicaid. Someone's rebuttal was that she should save her money and not depend on the government to help her. That all is good in a perfect world. But we are spending billions and billions in Iraq to help those people live better. We are sending money to other countries constantly. For some people it's hard to get by, you can't save money now with this $3 gallon gas, all the other prices, $5 a gallon for milk. Everything is ridiculous. You can't save money when you're barely getting by. The caller also said to ask your dentist about making payments? Have you ever tried that before? They almost laugh at you. I'm not receiving government benefits - it doesn't effect me. I can't believe this lady has no compassion for a fellow American with a retarded daughter that she has raised instead of putting her in a home and letting the government deal with her that way. Let's take care of Americans, we're taking care of everybody else in the world. I can tell a Republican called that in.

After last night the way it looked with all the ice and everything, I wouldn't give you two cents to live out here on this old back road where we live at. This old house we live in, it's colder than you know what. I was wondering why the county don't grade these back roads off so people can have a way in and out when they need to go. Like these regular roads, they have a grader to grade them with and they get paid for doing it.