Speakout 8/9

Thursday, August 9, 2007

In response to Not smart on a cart. If I ever catch someone using a wheelchair when they don't need it, they'll sure need it when I'm done with them. I have no tolerance for that, especially when I can't find a wheelchair for my disabled mother.


This is in response to the Vanduser complaint. I'm one of the kids who hangs out there. I want to say get a life to the person that called! We are just kids having a good time, trying to stay out of trouble. The music isn't loud and it wouldn't keep you up if you would just go to bed instead of sitting on your porch trying to catch us doing something wrong. The reason the cops give us a pat on the back is because we aren't doing anything wrong. I guess old people can't stand us young people having a good time. Why don't you go to Bingo or something instead of watching us. Have a good day!

To the person who owns a white dog on the south side of Sikeston in a newer division, on a busy street. I think it is a shame how their dog lives. He is kept in a small pen that is not cleaned, so he has to sleep in his own urine and excrement. The water bowl is always upside down so he doesn't have water regularly. And he never gets let out to walk. This is a case of animal cruelty, especially in this hot weather. Something should be done about it.

I just want to respond to Thursday, Aug. 2, Justice isn't just. I just want to speak on that note. If it takes three attorneys to prove that young man is innocent, evidently he has to be guilty. You always are supposed to stand by your child if he's right or wrong, but if you know that in your heart all the evidence is against your son, why would you continue to uphold him in his wrongs? Why not teach him a valuable lesson? Why not tell him to confess? Maybe he could help himself. It don't matter how many attorneys you get, because if this is the man I'm thinking about, your son is guilty. One day I know for a fact your son will be sitting in prison where he needs to be. Why should any attorney want to ruin their reputation on a young man they know is guilty? That would be crazy.

I would like to make a comment on Justice isn't just. I just want to say, yes, you are right. You are innocent until proven guilty. But if you know without a shadow of a doubt your son murdered a man for no apparent reason and you're still upholding him in his wrong, it's just letting me know exactly how he ended up behind bars. As far as attorneys go, why should they defend a man that won't help himself, jeopardize their reputation for a stone-hearted killer. I'm fighting for the man who didn't get to see his 25th birthday, will never get to be with his family, the young man that died a horrid death. So go ahead with your three attorneys. You need them because the prosecuting attorney here is good at what he does. And that's putting criminals where they belong, behind bars.

This is in response to the SpeakOut Aug. 5, Too old to party, the person in Vanduser. I hate to tell you this, but the lady is on her property. If the music is too loud for her to sit out on her front porch or her yard, it is every bit of her business. It's her property, she's not over on someone else's property. If it's way too loud, then you need to turn it down. You need to grow up and realize that you are interfering with other people's freedom and their rights.