Speakout 8/23

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In response to the woman who said her handicapped child lost her dental plan, I do feel sorry for her. However, I was raised without dental insurance and my Mom made sure that we got to the dentist twice a year like we were supposed to. In my years of working, I've never had dental insurance. I've had to take care of my own teeth and I hope that this person realizes that the overall well being of a child is more important than having dental insurance.

I am calling about the school lunches they are feeding the children. They are wanting the children not to be obese. We have pizza, nachos, hot dogs, corn dogs, fish sandwiches. There is not one vegetable in our meals for our children. And whatever they give our children, where ever they are getting it from, it is not fit to eat. I think our children need a balanced, hot meal at lunch. It used to be that way. This is ridiculous. The city or state or somebody needs to do something about this.

This is in regards to Chris Moore's article Aug. 9 about Sikeston's greatest. I just wanted to let him know what a good article that was and what a good job he is doing. I just have a couple of comments to make on a couple of athletes that were left out. That would be in track and field where Terry Duncan in 1980 was in the Missouri High School Hall of Fame. Also in wrestling Tony DeLaRosa and Vince Williams who in one time held the state record for the fastest pin. And also in cross country Tim Gilmore won outstanding athlete. The other comment was over the bickering over the best coaches. I think that Sikeston's wrestling coach, Mark Stevener has been greatly overlooked. What a great coach and a great person he was and we sure do miss having him on the Sikeston High School staff. Thanks again to Chris Moore. Good job on your article.

I'm calling to speak out about the alcohol being sold at the rodeo. I know that the sale of alcohol is a big revenue for them and frankly I don't see anything wrong with it. What I find disturbing is they are all out there arresting people for being drunk and possibly disorderly. What do they think these people are doing with this beer? If they don't want them to be drunk and disorderly, then don't sell beer out there. And if they do get drunk, take them home or call a family member. I mean that's so stupid. People should be able to drink and have a good time without having to worry about the police. That would be like having police in the bars and arresting people when they get drunk. All you do-gooders, you can write and speak out all you want, but you know, hey, get a life.

As I drop my child off for school at SCC this morning and head for work at Sikeston, I see what a earlier SpeakOut comment was about. We are paying these high taxes for all those cars loaded with kids coming out of Sikeston. And yes, the traffic heading north is bumper to bumper in places. It really surprises me that Sikeston schools lets this go on.