Speakout 9/27

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I would like to speak out about the judge that turned down the voting laws that our governor didn't like. I think the governor is all wet and the judge is right. It is wrong about having to get a license to vote with. It took me a long time to get my drivers license because my mother used a midwife because there was not a doctor close by. I had an old license and a discharge from four years in the service and 21 years in the National Guard. But that wasn't worth a dime in getting my drivers license. And if they had changed all of this where I would have to show something to vote, I would never vote again. But, since I don't have to, I will go ahead and vote. But our governor changed me from a Republican to a Democrat. I will vote a straight Democratic ticket for the rest of my life. It might not be long, but I'm old. But it will be as long as I live.

I'd like to make a comment about the person who called in about the golf carts being in East Prairie. I just think it is so very sad that people are jealous of people who have nice things. I don't have a golf cart and I don't have a jeep, but I am very thankful that people can afford a golf cart and they can afford a jeep. I'm glad they enjoy their stuff. I just feel sorry for the people that are jealous of them.

I live in Vanduser and I know we have an ordinance in town about our yards looking nice and neat. I was wondering why the mayor didn't do something about this house at a certain location in town. Ever since these people moved in, that yard has been cluttered up with cars and dogs and trash. I don't understand it. We are trying to make our little town look nice and neat. There's another place uptown when you come in to town that has cars piled up there. I wonder why the mayor doesn't do something about that. This is from a concerned citizen.

I read in SpeakOut about Diehlstadt. I think that's really good that they are cleaning up that town and I wish the mayor of Vanduser would get on a few of the people here in this town and have them clean up. We have a nice little town here and I think it needs to be cleaned up.

I'm looking for a four-wheeler for a 12-year-old child. If anyone has one to sell reasonably, if you can give me a call at 667-5392 I would appreciate it.

I'd like to speak out about the guy that was on television talking about how they was treating the seniors. The seniors that has worked and paying in the Social Security is paying all the bills. Them that is drawing it don't even pay Social Security for their Medicare or nothing. They get everything free. There's a lot of them needs it, lot of them don't. They sure need to do a lot of checking and cut some of these off. I think if you draw a Social Security check and you draw Medicare, you should pay the Medicare premium and then those that worked wouldn't have to pay it. They need to do a lot of checking on this stuff. I tell you, it's pitiful when you worked and paid it in and then you have to pay for the people that's too lazy too work that draws a little dab and goes, "Oh, I didn't have nothing but a minimum wage job." Most of the people that worked years ago didn't even have a minimum wage job. I think they ought to do something about these that's drawing it that don't pay Medicare and get everything free, their medicine, they pay no insurance, and they get to use that insurance a lot more than those people that have paid in that Social Security.

This is to Teacher's fault. Yes, teachers make decent money, but they also pay for a lot of stuff out of their own pocket, such as dry erasers, markers, staples, posters, decorations for their rooms, etc. Now for unruly kids, that's the parent's fault. Parents don't teach their kids respect when they are little. Teachers have to put up with kids talking back, cussing them, threatening them and that kind of stuff. It disrupts the class so the other kids can't learn either. It's not the teacher's fault it's the parents for not teaching the kids to respect people with authority. I'm not a teacher, but I don't think they get paid enough for what they have to put up with.

Reagan is the worst president we ever had. Carter was the most honest president we ever had.