Speakout 6/13

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I am a Republican, but after watching the Republican debate, I don't know of one candidate I would vote for. I don't think a mayor knows enough to be a president. I'm leaning more toward the Democrats, they make more sense. If the Republicans get elected, the Iraqi War will go on another four years, or more, because they are all for it. Ole Bushy boy has got them brainwashed. More and more of our boys and girls are getting killed. Can we put up with that? The Republicans spend, spend, spend. I used to be a Republican, but after Bushy boy, I've had enough. John Edwards is the one we need. He should have been our president for the last eight years. I'm sure we wouldn't be in the terrible mess we are in.

This is in response to the person complaining about the funeral home and the thank you notes. I'm so sick and tired of no actual issues being able to be put in SpeakOut because of people who have nothing to do and all the free time in the world. These people are so wrapped up in the pothole town that they live in, that they want to fill the SpeakOut up with these messages that are pointless and don't have anything to do with anything, personal issues that are ridiculous.

I'm speaking out about the Sikeston area youth baseball. For one, I'd like to say could the coaches please turn in the stats so the newspaper could have everybody in the paper that has done something in the game. We would like to know all the scores and all the plays made by the players. And also I would like to say to the coaches, please play the players. We paid $35 for them to play baseball or softball. We also sold $52 worth of candy bars. And it doesn't matter if these kids are perfect, if they're a little slower, if they're not the greatest catchers or the greatest batters, please play them all. I can see if you take turns, but when you keep sitting the same ones out over and over, it is not fair.

This is in regards to the person who called stating they should be able to build line to line on their property. Any city the size of Sikeston, some smaller and all big cities have rules where you can build on your property. If I built to my property line, and my neighbor did the same, how could anyone get to their backyard without going through their house? If a fire started, how many homes would be destroyed? Think about it. The caller stated that you had to have a permit to paint your house. You don't have to have a permit for that. Cape is thinking about zoning laws that extend two or three miles outside of their city limits. I live in an area that is considered rough by most. I'm glad we have to go by certain kinds of guides by buildings. It's not something that only Sikeston does. Very few towns don't do it, most towns, the majority do it. Just think about it, look around, ask around. You'll find out Sikeston is not the only one that does it. I'm glad they do it.