SpeakOut 1/9

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Call 471-6636

I'm calling to speak out to hopefully prevent an accident or maybe save someone's life. I've been noticing a lot lately that drivers in this town straddle the turn lane when they're turning left. They'll straddle the turn lane 50, 75, sometimes 100 yards. If they straddle the turn lane the driver behind them thinks they're going to turn. If you're going to turn, get in the turn lane and turn. Coming back into town after work I was about two inches from having a wreck because someone was straddling the turn lane, decided they didn't want to turn and pulled back into traffic.

This is to Glory be that was published in the Dec. 26 paper. I think what you need to do is mind your own business and let the Standard Democrat do their job. Maybe it is unfair that they publish in there about the young girls having babies and having number five. If they see that in the paper maybe it will embarrass them enough where they won't want to have another baby. But until then, I don't think you have the right to criticize the Standard Democrat. They're doing their job. If you shake your family tree there might be somebody that has had five or six babies. You can't talk about other people. If you live in a glass house I would advise you not to throw stones or your house might get broken.

I'd like to speak out about your new sports writer. I'm not going to say his name because first of all, I can't learn to like his column. And maybe if he would get rid of that picture with the Yankee's hat on he would win more readers over. Does he not know where he's at right now? This is St. Louis Cardinal country. Nobody likes the Yankees, you've got to live in New York. Nobody likes the Yankees. Get a Cardinal hat, take another picture and see if your popularity goes up. Right now it's not too good.

Living in southeast Missouri does not make it a requirement that one be a Cardinal fan. Not one time has the columnist spoken bad of the 'precious' Cardinals and I never knew that changing pictures would change the content of the column. -- David Jenkins, sports editor.

This is a comment for I hear you knocking. Just for your information, Christmas Day will be Dec. 25, 2008. Start now, today, and make sure your child has some presents and food for Christmas in 2008. As for you, I could care less.

I'm appealing to everyone's Christmas spirit. I sold a young blonde female Shih Tzu to a family in Kewanee as the only Christmas gift for their children. She promptly ran away. She was born and raised in Sikeston and maybe trying to find her way back to Sikeston. She is a house-broken, indoor dog and her name is Amy. I'm offering a substantial award for the return of the children's only Christmas gift. She was last seen in Kewanee Dec. 27 or 28. Please call Jane at 573-472-2617 to claim your reward.

I would like to speak out about our gas bills. No wonder our gas bills are so high. You see these guys that work for the gas company driving these company trucks everywhere. They have their four-wheelers in the back. You see them at family houses that don't have gas hook-up, they are visiting. This is charged to your gas bill. I wish my job provided me with a truck and gas. Some of these drivers live miles away and they use company gas and company trucks. I think this should be looked into.

In response to the person who was looking for nuts in the Dec. 28 SpeakOut, you need to look no further than the submission that immediately preceded your request.