Speakout 5/26

Friday, May 26, 2006

In today's newspaper, there was an article called Crazy drivers. I, in terms do agree with what they said. I have a 4-month old baby and every time I leave my house, within five minutes after being gone, I almost get hit by at least two drivers. I believe something needs to be done about the way people are driving now days. There needs to be a lot more police officers out on the street, especially on the main highways and up on North Ingram. I live on South Ingram and the traffic is also just as bad. I just hope that putting this in SpeakOut will encourage people to do what is right and hopefully the police officers will enforce the driving laws.

Bring back Cathy

I would like to ask you to please bring back Cathy to the comic strips.

Hey Mike. I just got through reading your article on Mr. Johnson, the killer. I said a long time ago that we got rid of the rope too soon. Well, I would like for you to write an article about all the foreigners we got over here and see if your ideas fit my ideas because they're walking the streets trying to take over this country. I went to war, spent four years in the service, three and a half overseas to keep this a free country. It looks like they got as much freedom as I got, maybe more. I walk the streets and cause problems, they throw me in jail.

I would like to call in about American Idol. They are kicking off all of the best singers there is. They keep Katherine McPhee on, a singer that can't sing to save her life. She is horrible. I have no idea why she has made it this far. They need to pick a real American Idol, a real singer.

I have two things to say. The first thing is, the traffic on North Ingram IS very bad. I live on North Ingram and I have been complaining about it for years. If the police would like to back up in my driveway, they are more than welcome to run their radar. The second thing is, the pond in the back on North Ingram is for the property owners on North Ingram, not the renters, but the home owners. Please print this if you would.

I'm calling concerning about this issue I just saw on KFVS about this couple in Cape Girardeau that can't pay their gas or electric bill and are out of money and have turned to different agencies. Hey, what is wrong with the President and the Governor of the state of Missouri? People pay taxes in to help these older people and I'm wondering why help isn't being given. They must not read the Bible where it says I was hungry and you gave me to eat and I was thirsty and you gave me to drink, I was homeless and you gave me a home. You would think Blunt and Bush wouldn't even have a clean conscience going to church on Sunday the way they do people. I think they need to do something about it.

Bush's new immigration policy is called, Close the Door but Leave it Cracked. Those that already got in, oh well.