Speakout 11/1

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

I hope you all like this. Secretary of State lied and said President Bush was gonna keep the people over in Iraq another ten years. And now they're wanting to blame all of this on Cheney, Rowe and Libby so we can get Cheney out. Just forget about the people in Iraq coming home. He's planning on keeping them over there for another ten years. And, why don't he just go over there and live with them, he cares so much about them. He cares more about them than he does the people in the United States.

Someone help me to get my blood to quit boiling. I was at a local restaurant today and a school bus pulled up and let high school age kids eat. They were from South Pemiscot Schools. They had been to the corn maze up at Benton. Every time I turn on the tv or read the paper, schools are wanting more and more money. Some of the kids had on $250 school jackets. I helped raise four kids and get them educated. I was able to be gainfully employed without taxpayers paying to send me to a corn maze. We pay too many taxes for all the wrong reasons. This country will not stand if we don't do something drastic.

I live in Missouri and I'm not a Cardinal Fan. So, what's the big deal?

I'd like to speakout about these houses for rent in the paper. I have a little dog, she's a clean dog, we're clean people, and these ads in the paper, every one of them says no pets, no pets no pets. Well, I'm still looking for a place to rent and I tell you what. These people who won't allow my little dog or whatever, they just missing a good tenant, that's all I can tell them. I've got good references and everything else here. I understand people with pets that tear up everything, but there's some people with pets that don't do that they ought to be checking in to instead of being so hasty by not letting people rent with pets. I've had my little dog now for 11 or 12 years now, and I ain't throwing her in the streets. I guess I'll just live here forever until people wake up and smell the coffee and get some sense here. There is no sense in not letting people rent just because they have a little animal. That's all I have to say. Shame on you.

I too agree with Mr. Jensen's article on mob violence. But, I think had the police not let the all white supremecist group march through the black neighborhood, a lot of that violence could have been prevented. I know we all have a right to freedom of speech and assembly, but the line needs to be drawn somewhere. Sadly, there are ignorant black people and white people. Racism is an ignorance.

It's so sad. I just read about the San Francisco woman. She threw her three kids in the ocean last week. It's a shame because she was ignored how she really was, mentally ill. I just think she should be fried. And, so should the social worker who denied her mother custody of those poor kids.