Speakout 2/27

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

First of all, I would like to commend the Board of Directors and the mayor of New Madrid and the City Administrator for making the decision to clean New Madrid up. To have these dilapidated buildings torn down, to have these old factories that were no longer operational torn down, but they've only done the job halfway. They're halfway torn down, they're smoldering ruins, there's pieces of metal sticking up everywhere. I think they are a worse eyesore than they were before they ever started out. So come on, let's get on the ball! Let's get this halfway job completed. Let's have New Madrid be something to be proud of. When you go off of the top of the levee at New Madrid, what do you see? Rusty ole pillars, burning ruins and just a half completed job. Code enforcement officer, time to get busy.

In response to Fee is far from free. You claim we are just poor people trying to get by and then you try to take advantage of us because we don't have a bank account. If you're poor, I guess your refund check wasn't all the benefits me, a working person receives, like earned income credit and all this other stuff. If you don't have a bank account, then maybe you should get one and try to save some money so maybe you're no longer poor. Instead of blowing your whole check on you know, whatever you decide to spend it on. So don't complain if you don't have a check. And especially don't complain if you really didn't work to earn that money and the government just gave you a refund.

I'm just reading the comment from the guy claiming that he's an athletic director in St. Louis. And he's talking about how no one from Sikeston will ever make it to the pros. I just wondered if he ever heard of James Wilder.

On the end of Donna and Matthews Street, by Orscheln's, there needs to be a stop sign there before there is a serious wreck that will occur.

This is to the person that said they were the athletic director in St. Louis. Win, lose or draw, we don't need you to tell us anything about our town or our school. We can do fine without you.

I'm calling about our school systems in this United States. These people who have taken over our school lunches. I don't know what our government has to do with it, but it has to be a lot. The children come through the line, and if they don't have the money to come up with the extras that come up on the computer, they have to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If they have food on their tray and it comes up that they owe 30 cents, then they tell them they can't have it because they owe and take it away from them right then and there and throw it in the trash. Or if they are coming up for a free lunch, they say well, you only got this and this, get a milk. Then they throw away thousands and thousands of tons of food. I don't understand this. This is supposed to be a great country and our children can not have food if they don't have money? Then they have to have peanut butter and jelly? One will have so much on their plate, the other one won't, the other one will have to throw it away. This is wrong for our country as rich as our country is supposed to be. Take the food to the food banks, anything, but don't throw it in the garbage.