Letter to the Editor

Your view: Good return

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

To the Editor:

We are blessed to live in a community of exceptional doctors and a great hospital. We moved back here after two years in Montana and my wife had to have tests and major surgery.

We are blessed to have Dr. Ed Masters, Dr. Fred Uthoff and his nurse, Carolyn Mayfield and staff and Dr. Ly Phan and his nurse, Amy, and receptionist, Lorrie, in residence here.

We have never had such compassionate and caring people who make you feel relaxed and confident. We found Missouri Delta Hospital the same way.

During the tests the nurses and staff of the mammography department and radiology were exceptionally kind, caring and protective. Kim Moss' humor as he brought the barium made it almost bearable!

The surgery with Dr. Phan, Karen Silverthorn, CNRA, Ricky Hulls, P.A. and Pat Newton, RN, made the surgery calming, as well as the Pink Lady Volunteers which were very helpful to keep us informed.

We are so glad we have returned to Sikeston and have chosen to use the medical community here as our place to receive our care and not have the trip to Cape or St. Louis.

Rev. Ed Pangburn

Sikeston, Mo.