Speakout 5/28

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The bank and federal government are selling homes because people aren't able to pay for them. I'm sure people aren't able to pay for them because there is sickness in the family, unemployment, maybe loss of a spouse. People today in these big shot offices do not put their selves on the level of other people. I guess they think they will always have bread and butter but that ain't the way it always works for everybody else. They lose jobs, they lose their spouse, they get sick. I can't understand what is wrong with these banks and the federal government. It seems like all they want to do is punish innocent people who have worked hard all their lives and have nothing to show for it.

This is in response to the person complaining about the skate boarders. Just what would you like for them to do with their spare time, sit on the couch and play video games? Or maybe sit on the back of a tailgate on a country road drinking beer? These kids are simply being kids. Leave them alone. There is nothing else for them to do in this town who does little to welcome kids, unless they play ball. As for them running in front of you while you shop, you're in a parking lot, slow down. They are kids, let them play.

Hooray for our police and their dog Eros. Thank you for catching that intruder that caused so much concern. Great job. And please help our city by fixing the Post Office parking lot. It is a roller coaster.

As a resident of Morehouse, it is so good to see that the law is finally taking some action about drugs in our city. There is still more to be done and I hope they know that. Every day we see our young people being terrorized by drugs and the effects that it does to our families. It's good to know that there is a new clerk that will stop the kids from stealing and growing up to be drug addicts and will not sell them tobacco and alcohol products. We are finally becoming a good city and coming together. We need good leadership to become a good city.

People are always calling in saying the Democrats are liberal people giving away free people. Well, I'd rather see our own people here in the United States get it than some foreign country get it that could care less about us. The elderly, handicapped and low income here in the United States need it more than foreigners.

I want to speak out about the DaVinci Code. I hope people will refrain from going to see it. Some actually think it is true. People are bombarding the town that DaVinci grew up in looking for this code. When asked by the Vatican to add to the start of the movie that it was fiction, the director refused. This movie is nothing short of blasphemy. Jesus was and is perfect. If you are interested in His life, read the Bible.